I thought and I thought I really thought I know I thought.

Dislike of banks could backfire. 

I thought on this. Speak up, write up. But in the end if you do not have the support of thought your way then your way is wrong. 
Power is in the thoughts. But we must remember all thoughts are in words. 
So we can speak and write about the dislike of banks but if the thoughts on this issue do not support your way then you have no legality. Your mandate then is useless. 
But we should not shy away from speaking up or writing about truth because we could be on the truthful way. 
But thoughts are not the end, it’s Jesus Christ who is the alpha and omega. Our thoughts may be for or against an argument but alas that means nothing if Jesus Christ thinks differently. Jesus is in us (saved souls) in Spirit. The Spirit of God decides truth, no other. So my heart has the Holy Spirit. I have the truth within me. Anyone who speaks against the truth in me suffers. You can not outwit God, to try is very foolish. I might not be right all the time and I am answerable to God like everyone else. God can lead my thoughts. I bring my thoughts in to focus by ensuring my thoughts are God like. I try to keep focussed. I use my senses in line with Gods thoughts to focus. Keeping focussed is to keep sane. 
So we use our words with caution. We eat foods and liquids with caution. We are what we eat, meaning we are in words what we eat, we eat what we need and think what we need. Eating makes us what we are in thought. We eat the Words of Jesus Christ and we become like Jesus Christ. We eat other people we become like them. We are essentially living soul and spirit in a physical mortal body. We live in a physical body. We eat and drink but we eat and drink to supply our body and spiritual needs and cast the waste out. If we do not eat and drink needful we also live on waste. We need to get rid of our waste to stay sane. If we also live on waste we talk and write waste (shit). Such people are known to be bull shitters (excuse the inflammatory words). So focussing on just eating is not good, we need to think of eating and also getting the waste out. 
I am trying to explain that what we eat and drink physically can affect our thinking and thus affect what we speak and write. We are in words physically and spiritually. The spiritual can affect the physical and the physical can affect the spiritual. 
I have seen people eat pretty foods. If someone has the choice between a plain food or a pretty food most or not all people go for the pretty food. Pretty food has much sugar. Plain food is plain tasting. Pretty food is sweet food. People love sweet foods. So when a male person has a choice as a long term partner between a plain woman or a sweet woman the male will choose the sweet woman. Sweet to a male is sexy. And males usually are immature, most are what we call jerks, so a sweet sexy woman would empower a male and make the male think he was something he was not. Alas a lot of marriages fail because of this strategy. Sweet is short and sweet. Sweet is a quick rush. Sugar gives a quick rush, the rush is over in minutes. It’s like being jerked off (excuse the slang). 
The physical and spiritual live together. The two affect each other in many ways. God simply says LOVE. Not the world’s love but Gods love. Love is being wise. If we are loving we are doing Gods will. Not love of Satan or the world’s love but the love taught by Jesus Christ and is explained in the Gospels. 
So eating spiritual food of Jesus Christ affects our physical body. Eating physical food affects our spiritual side. 
We must eat and drink to survive not to pander to our selfish pleasures. Now a days people eat and drink because they want to not because they need to. In the past people ate to supply their needs. Today’s world is decadent of waste, people living with waste inside them. 
Nothing is free to this world. You pay for all selfish pleasures beyond needs. Your body pays in the end for all self. 
Rich people live to eat,

Poor people eat to live. 
That surmises my thinking here on eating. I started off writing about thoughts then I brought in eating. I hope I have not confused you. I am a living soul and spirit, I write what I think and perceive. I like to think I have the Mind Of Christ. Don’t ever think I learnt any of my perceptions from Bible College; one of the main lecturers that taught me said he was a humanist. I got my Diploma of Ministry from Bible College; I was qualified as the world would say. In Christ the best qualification is to LOVE. My perceptions and understanding come from the Mind of Christ fed from the Spirit of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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