Professor Professor we are ready.
Here I am. Busy as ever.

Professor you sit next to Doctor Meilink.

Hello Professor, I have heard so much about you. Your reputation goes before you.

I try and please.

Now Reverend Smiley are you there (satellite television communications link up).

I am here.

Good how is it in your home town?

Oh today it’s snowing.

Ok we have all the three great minds here. Ok in three the cameras will roll. All ready? Roll!!!

Professor can we start with you. Tell me where did you find this master piece of knowledge and why is it never moved out of its casing?

Yes yes we found it in a derelict building site.

But where in the site?

It was found by an excavator crew who were digging up the ground after demolishing an old house.

Doctor Meilink. Why has no one been able to interpret the words?

This has stumped all great minds of this century. No one has been able to understand the words. We think this angel figurine came from an alien race on another planet. Maybe this angel figurine has been around for millions of years.

Why has no one carbon dated this angel figurine?

We are not allowed to touch it, we can not remove it from its casing.

Why not Doctor?

It is so precious that an act of parliament has put layer and layer of laws protecting it. We think this angel figurine may be a link to other worlds. We don’t want to cause any damage to it.

Please can I talk.

This is Reverend Smiley through satellite TV from his home town Brooksfield where he is a Pastor. Yes Reverend please speak.

This angel figurine is probably the most important object of historical find in this world. No one can buy such a thing. It is priceless. We may be looking at something made by aliens.

But Reverend being a man of God don’t you think this angel figurine is from God?

No no not necessary God works in mysterious ways. God could be reaching out to us earthlings through an alien race.

Thank you all for coming. We will leave it there. That was Professor Smithers from the University of Good Hope. No doubt you have read some of his many books. Doctor Smiley from the think tank “Waters for life” and Reverend Smiley a man that television knows so well. Thank you all for coming.
Bye everyone.

Bye Doctor.

Bye Professor.

Bye Reverend.
Everyone has left the television studio room. Lights are put out. Later that night a cleaner comes in to the room. She tries to put the light switch on. The light is not working.
The angel figurine is still in the room. It is protected by laser beam Security. Also CCV cameras are in the room.
Hi Cath (Cleaner).

Hi Bob (Security officer).

What’s with the light in studio four?

The fuses are gone in that area and the back up generator for studio four is not working.

How am I to clean that room?

Come with me I can help. You clean the room and I can shine with the torch.

Fine with me.
In studio four.

Oops I have dropped something on the floor. It looks like an angel figurine.

Put it back on the table. Was it in something?

Some sort of casing.

Well make it look like nothing was touched.

There, looks good as gold. No one would think it came out of its casing.

Have you finished?

All finished.

Let’s go.

Night Bob.

Night Cath.
The next day. The television director Steve enters studio four. He looks at the angel figurine.


What is it? I heard your cry?

Dave the figurine.

What about it?

The words!

Yer, words what of it?

But we can read them.

Oh golly. You are right.

Get it out of its case.


We must work out what happened.

Ok ok. There.

Steve turns the angel figurine around.

Look the words change when looking from the back.

What shall we do?

Just put it back in its casing.

But should we not tell.

No and lose our high television ratings. The world watched our station last night. We had a coup on revealing this figurine. Besides we would look foolish after interviewing three great minds of this world who say it’s an alien figurine.

But we can not.

Yes we can. I am the studio head.

But but!!

Do you want to keep your job?

Ok ok. There all back like it was. The opposite side is showing where the words can not be understood.

Door to studio opens. Bob the security officer comes in.

Sorry about the security failure. It will be back on in a few minutes.

Thanks Bob. Cath told me this morning. Come on Steve we have things to do.

Yes Dave.
Last night in a retirement home away away. An elderly man was watching television in the main lounge. His mind is wasting away and he talks seldom now. No one can understand him much now because he is so frail.

Nurse nurse!

What is it Mr Jarvis?

The angel, the angel.

What angel?

The other elderly residents in the lounge look at Mr Jarvis and think kook coo.

You seeing things again John?

No nurse. The television, the angel.

Oh yer the greatest find this world has ever known.

I made that angel.

Yer and I am Albert Einstein.

But I did.

John you look tired I had better take you back to your room.

But nurse!

But nurse nothing! Here take another sedative.


Drink, drink it all up.

Yes nurse. I am feeling tired.

Night Mr Jarvis.

Night nurse.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
For those who do not see the attached photo of the angel figurine:

This figurine is shaped as an angel with wings, it is about 7 inches tall and about 9 inches wide wing tip to wing tip. The figurine is made out of thin wood. There are a number of words inscribed on the figurine. These words letters go right through the thin wood so you can see the wording front and back, but of course only one side is readable as on the opposite side the words go backwards. This is a real figurine that was made by a friend.



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