The Macho Meeting – Prime Minister and President

Clint (Eastwood) here how can I help you and who gave you my number?

Malcolm here Clint.

Hi Malcolm. Long time no see. Now when was it when we last met?

Clint we have never met.


Clint you really don’t know who I am.

Sorry but I have a lot of friends.

I am Malcolm Turnbull. 

Now is that the Turnbull from my college days. 

No Clint I am the Prime Minister of Australia.

Oh that Turnbull. Nice to hear from you Malcolm. And again how can I help you. 

Clint I am meeting up with the Trump soon and I need some advice on behaviour at the meeting.

Your behaviour or Trumps behaviour? 

My behaviour Clint.

You are on your mobile.

I am.

I can text you some good points to act out in trumps presence. But why me why ask me?

I think Trump might think I am a bit wimpish. 

Ok I see where you are coming from. Leave it to me. I will text you some pointers in the next 5 minutes. 

Thanks Clint, love your movies. 

Bye Malcolm. 

(6 minutes later the text comes through from Clint)

Wow what golly.

Sir the car is ready. 

(Malcolm is on the way to meet President Trump)

Wow what a big aircraft carrier.

It’s big sure is.

Mind the door sir.

Follow me sir.

(Turnbull is taken in to a room where Trump is sitting)

Greeting Mr President (Malcolm holds Trumps hand hard and with his hand on top of Trumps)

Malcolm take a seat. You sure have a strong handshake.

It’s all in the wrist.

(A secretary comes in to the room)

(Malcolm intentionally drops his mobile phone on the floor)

I will get it Prime Minister (She bends down).

(Malcolm pinches the woman secretaries backside)

Aaaar. Who did that?

(The secretary looks at Malcolm)

(Malcolm smiles)

(Trump thinks this guy is starting to impress me)

(The secretary leaves the room)

(Ivanka Trump comes in to the room)

Meet my daughter.

(Malcolm lays a kiss on her cheek)

You are a beauty. When can we go out on a date?

(Trump thinks this guy is getting better all the time)

Greetings Prime Minister, I am married.

I know that I was only kidding about the date but not about the beauty.

You make me blush Prime Minister. 

Call me Malcolm.

I must go. Bye Daddy. And goodbye Malcolm. Keep in touch Malcolm.

Will do Ivanka. 

(Trump buzzes the intercom) Spicer send in the press.

(The room gets crowded full of news reporters)

Mr Prime Minister how did your talk go with the President?

I think the President and I have a good understanding. 

On what sir?

We share common values.

Mr President do you agree you share common values with the Prime Minister? 

Yes I do. He knows how to treat women. And that’s a plus with me. 

Do you agree Prime Minster do you know how to treat women?

I have been getting instruction on this and I think it’s working out.

Working out with whom?

With President Trump. 

Spicer we are finished.

Ok ok rap it up. No more questions. Please leave. 

(It’s just Trump and Turnbull in the room)

Malcolm you and I will get along fine. To be honest I thought you were a mothers boy; I hope you do not mind me talking candid; but I like to shoot from the hip; you surprised me today. 

I have been getting help.

You are much improved. Well that just about wraps it up. 

Bye Mr President

Call me Donald.

Bye Donald. 

Bye Malcolm. 

(Malcolm leaves. The meeting was held on a large decommissioned US aircraft carrier. Every thing tastes of military. It’s like macho. Military macho. Malcolm is pleased with himself)
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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