Neuroscientist dies – An Obituary I won’t attach but I saw in the newspaper

Neuroscientist sounds a fancy name. Of course this man is not a scientist. He’s a scientist in name only but in his soul and heart (human spirit) in Gods will he has another vocation. I thought what vocation “a caretaker of groceries” or what we called in the ole days a “Greengrocer”. 

So we have a greengrocer come neuroscientist telling the world that animals have emotions. 
My thoughts for what they are worth: Animals do not have souls. Fish do not have souls. Insects do not have souls. God saves souls but saves only human souls because humans are the only creatures who have souls. God does not save a dog or cat for eternal life. Cats and dogs etc do not go above to heaven. Capisci. 
Animals, fish and insects live by instinct, they are thoughtless. Instinct is living without thoughts. Humans have thoughts because humans have souls, souls have language, language that understands. 
Souls have thoughts and human spirit has feelings. Our human spirit is in our heart. We relate in feelings from our spirit in our hearts to other humans. The soul is above. The soul should be saved above. We are thinkers in soul in the mind. The soul is in the mind in the head. The soul is like a very small shadowy type of person. The shadow looks like a person shape but very small in the head. The shadow goes moves around in a circle around the area of the mind or it did does it still do? Only humans have the shadow soul. God gives the soul to humans. Soul is eternal, and is damned to hell or glorified to heaven. We make our own heaven and hell. Actually we make our hell through Satan and our heaven through God. We prepare for our eternal life, we prepare in our human physical life for the ever after life. 
Emotions are feelings. Humans feel. Only humans have feelings. So all other creatures do not have feelings. So all other creatures outside humans do not have a spirit. I am not sure. Does a fish have a fish spirit? It does not have soul, it does not think, but does a fish feel, does the fish feel from spirit? I might think that a fish does not have spirit. So only humans have spirit. So only humans feel and think. How do humans think? With words. We learn words from babyhood. Thinking comes from learning a language. Words give understanding. Gods Words are the frame of reference for all wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. 
King Solomon said “Does the human spirit go up and the animal spirit go down?” Solomon did he know? Solomon supposed animals have spirits. Do we humans in our spirit clash with animal spirits? Are we humans in spiritual warfare with say our domestic cat or dog? Do I fight spiritually with my neighbours cat? 
I see. But I see. I do not see soul or spirit in my neighbours cat. Look at the eyes, there is nothing. No inward life. The cat is living by instinct. 
Humans so much want their cat or dog or both to know. Humans want love. Humans hate humans. Humans bite humans. Humans devour humans. Humans tongues expel venom. Humans curse and lie to other humans. How we want our pet animals to know, to be aware, to love us, to understand us. Humans turn to their pets to get love and friendship. Why? Because humans are our worst enemies. Humans act like Nazis to other humans with their thoughts and words.
So we have a come neuroscientist doing work all in vain. 
How the world loves their titles. Titles mean a lot to people OFF the world. The world listens to titled people. The world follows titled people. 
The world is like a big stage. Humans are the actors. Lie don’t tell the truth. You hide behind a mask, everyone does.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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