Having good mind intelligence and having good emotional intelligence. 

Raised in soul mind to the head in Christ Jesus. God raises our mind soul to the above to the head level. The world is apart from our head soul mind when we are saved in Christ. In salvation we are of the head level. We are raised from the heart level to the head level. We think from above. Our mind soul is free from the world. The heart deals with the world. Our heart always under tension. Our heart vexed regularly. Our soul is saved. Our soul in the head. 
In our head we listen to our heart. Our ears are in our head. Our soul and heart in salvation is cleaned of all sins, this includes generational sins (our ancestors sins). Our head is in charge of our heart. Our head commands the body. The body submits to the head. Salvation is being free from all sins and living above. 
We die in our old sinful flesh person in our heart, we are born again, we have a new cleansed human spirit in heart, our human spirit gets a new life. In our old sinful flesh self off the world did we then have a human spirit or did human spirit only come to us in what is known as a born again experience? I am of the opinion that everyone has a human spirit from birth, the time when we first took a breath, spirit is in breath, so the baby comes in to the world and breathes. Does the baby breathe in the mothers womb? I think not, so human spirit comes at birth. In salvation the Holy Spirit comes into our heart. We go through a dying to old flesh self and a renewal in human Spirit. We are spirit person now. In the past we were soul person. But soul is above in head saved. Our human spirit interacts with the world. Our Holy Spirit is our main stay in our heart. We are not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God but we in human spirit grow and mature and wizen in God. Our soul is above and free from the world, it’s the spirit and Spirit in our heart that interacts with others. We are spirit people in God. Adam the soul man, Christ the Spirit person. 
Emotional intelligence is based on heart whereas mind intelligence is based on head. The head has the senses not the heart. The head helps the heart. The head and heart and body have to be free of sins to be of any good as bearers of useful intelligence. Generations of family who love the supreme God and do good works not bad works pass on to their heirs (children, and so on down the family tree) sinless hearts, minds, and bodies. So people can pass sins down the family tree. Sin makes for dark minds, dark hearts, and dark inner bodies thus sins can darken intelligence emotionally or mind. 
We are saved above in soul, the head of Christ rules. 

In the second coming of Jesus Christ we wake up in soul, we were sleeping after our physical death, we are given a new immortal body and we live for eternity in heaven. 
Not all humans go to heaven. And birds, fish, insects and animals do not go to heaven for eternity. Only humans have souls to live on, either in hell or heaven.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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