Let’s be more literal here. Friends as in human being friends. The people you know and welcome in to your life. The friends you accept in to your heart. But you might say I don’t know how to control who I let in to my heart. 

The church is open to everyone. Thus the body of Christ is open to all. We are that body, we are in that body. People might say “I am open minded”. So we have open minds and open hearts. People come in who contend or get on well with our thoughts and feelings. We are never really alone. Thoughts and feelings are affected day and night by those who come in to the body of Christ. We who are saved are that body. We are the living church. Our friends are first our brothers and sisters of Christ and second those who come in to the church our body in to our mind and heart. No one is forced in to the living church. Our life must reflect the mind and actions of Godliness so those who are in the living church know that we stand for all the virtues and truth of God through Jesus Christ. Feelings and thoughts are also for communing. We commune in the body of Christ. We commune in words. We communicate in words. We commune with each other. Like cells in a body all one but many and all linked in together and helping each other we people in words also act like the cells. We help each other. We pray for each other. We love each other. We carry each other around in our bodies. We are one but many. Our bodies are the church. We in the body of Christ are in the light. We see in the light. Call it discernment. We have sight and can also call it insight. Wisdom and insight guard ones life and keeps one on a sane and healthy life. Insight is not good by itself but needs wisdom. To see is ok but to know right from wrong is better. Our friends come to visit. Our friends may stay a long time. Our friends may be depressed, or lonely, or sad, or joyful, etc. We feel our friends depression, loneliness, sadness, joy. We pray for our friends. When our friends are feeling down we pray for their betterment. No man (or woman) is an island. We are all in it together and we are in each other and Christ is in all. 
We are in Christ, Christ is in us and we are in each other.  
The secret key is Jesus Christ. Christ is in us. Words are everything. Every word we speak can act like a spark, a spark to bring warmth or a raging fire. Guard your mouth. Holy Scipture brings truth and love. But bad words can bring hate and stress. Love brings health. Jesus Christ is the resurrected and risen Word of God. The Word of God became flesh, human, in Jesus Christ. It’s all about words. Heaven is about words. We humans should be about words. 
Jesus sits in heaven. This death and resurrection and rising of Jesus Christ is to be understood in words in the heart and soul. You are soul and spirit. It’s the soul and spirit that thinks and feels not the bone, flesh or muscle. Where is heaven and hell? It’s an answer in spirit. Spirit gives the answer. Man in his own understanding will never know where heaven and hell is because such is a spiritual revelation. Heaven is not a physical revelation. I don’t think God is up in the milky way circulating the planets. But I don’t know really. You don’t know and I don’t know. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put your enemies at your feet”. David referred to God within. Not God up in the physical sky. Do we see God sitting on clouds? No. God is in the body of Christ. God is not in physical buildings made of brick and stone. God in the old days might have resided in man made temple but God now resides in a living temple, human being temples. When I think of the temple in the body I think of the head and on each side being called the temple. God was in King David. How can we understand where God is, we can not, God is in us but he is also out there. God comes and goes. But Gods home is with us. God teaches us using metaphors, why? We lack insight. God also uses parables. Still man does not know. 
Who knows? No one. A wise man may claim to know but he does not know. So what am I about? Understanding. I want to understand. God placed a crown on my head (i saw it in a vision) and gave me a painting of a mountain. I want to know why.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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