Was Jesus Christ nailed to the cross through His wrists or His hands? Who knows? No one. Does the Pope know? No. I was in a city chapel today. In the front on the wall is a very big cross with a image of Jesus on. The nails on this crucifixion went through the hands. I feel more comfortable with the nails going through the hands rather than going through the wrists. Wrists are more than meets the eye. 

Wrists are about strength. Males want to have strong wrists. Strong wrists mean maturity. Do females have strong wrists? I don’t know. Males use their strong wrists to do their work. Males need strong wrists to make love to women. Strong wrists for a male mean a strong heart and a strong heart means a strong human spirit. What about homosexuals? What about them? I mean homosexuals have weak wrists. Don’t they. I don’t know about female homosexuals having weak wrists but homosexual males have weak wrists. I thought this is so. So homosexual males have what we call limp wrists thus their hearts are not strong and their human spirit is not strong. So do homosexuals have immature hearts? I don’t know.
Strong wrists are needed for work; and love making, this is for the male. Adam the first man was booted out of Eden. Man in Eden had no work. Man was thrown out of Eden to work in the wilderness garden. In the wilderness were many weeds. The soil had to be tilled. Cultivation means tilling, planting, and weeding. But there is a parallel garden, the spiritual garden of each of our lives. We cultivate our minds and hearts. We want to be cultivated people. Cultivated means refined. Refined is purity. Pure is clean. We want to keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts. We want to till our hearts and minds and plant in our hearts and minds word, good words, true words, wise words. We live in a garden in words. Gods Words are the frame of reference of all words. Plant Gods words in us. 
Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross, we all know that, and we are comfortable to believe He was nailed to the cross by His feet but wrists or hands we are in doubt. To nail the hands people think that his body would have dragged down too much making pure agony for Jesus. People seem inclined to think Jesus was also roped to the cross. Wrists have a special connection to human males but females I do not know. And why are homosexual men limp wristed? Do not homosexual men cultivate their minds and hearts? Adam was a gardener, we humans come originally from a garden. Gardening is what’s it’s about. Sowing and reaping. Are homosexuals not sowing and reaping? Sowing and reaping is physical and spiritual. Weeds abound in this world. Weeds are like viruses on a computer, we clean up our computers regularly cleaning away the viruses; we weed out the weeds in our minds and hearts regularly. Words are weeds. We want the good words to grow. Homosexuals seem to not be in the wisdom of Jesus Christ; but why? The God Head has wisdom. Christ is Gods wisdom. The headship of God does not seem to be with homosexuals but what do I know. Homosexuals seem to be in to the human man made wisdom. Man made is artificial and not God made. We are talking about the soul/mind and how it works. The headship of God is the defining factor of what is above. We want the mind of Christ. We want our souls above in heaven saved. We are spirit and must learn in spirit from God Spirit. We are spirit in heart. Don’t be soulish people but spiritual people. Soul is important but we relate to this world from spirit and God Spirit. Soul is saved. Soul is at rest. We fight with spirit and God Spirit not with soul. The head rules the body; the head is above; the soul is in the head; the body submits to the soul mind of Jesus Christ. But our spirit is our sword. We use the sword of the spirit joined to God Spirit to defend us. Spirit is the light and power. Soul is saved and is not the weapon. We have spiritual weapons. Gifts are given to us from high. These gifts are spiritual entities that come in to our hearts. These gifts come from God above. These gifts are not just to help us but to help all the people in the body. We are each person making up a body of many persons. Our spiritual gifts are to help all in the body. You in me, me in you, Christ in us, and we in Christ. We are in each other in the body of Jesus Christ. We are as closest as one word. Words define our existence. We are in words. Adam the soul man and Jesus Christ the Spirit man. We humans must crave to be God Spirit led. Let our souls rest above, let Spirit do the work. Your field of work is simple. Look to the simple way. Your God field of work will be complicated to other people but you will find your God field of work simple. Wisdom of God is simply understood to those who are gifted in wisdom from above. Spiritual gifts are simple, they are like “practice makes perfect”. We in the Christ body each have our gifts or gift. Don’t try and use gifts that you do not have look for your own gifts and use those. Gifts from above can be spiritual person identities that are in your heart. Spirits can be like people but in spirit. Gifted people can not boast. Why boast about something that was given to you. Gifts do most of the work, we just apply ourselves. Most people work in other people’s fields so they become like slaves to other people. To work in ones own field means much responsibility. And you might think your field is too simple, and it does not pay well. People think truth is complicated. To say to them that it’s the simple truth goes over their heads, they do not understand. Satan wants to make you believe in the complicated truth not the simple truth. God is only complicated to those who do not understand. To understand you must keep it simple. Keep away from teachers who do not teach the simple truth. Teachers are teachers in name only; they teach not from their learned wisdom and understanding, they just follow a curriculum that is already set out. You hear very few good insights from teachers. Most teachers have only one good thing going for them, they are intelligent. But teachers know very little. Intelligence is not necessary wisdom and understanding of Jesus Christ. You go to university and teachers never mention Jesus Christ the author of true wisdom. Schooling can be such a farce. God is not welcome at school. So is Satan or the Beast welcome at school? But school must serve its purpose. Even if it’s boring. 
Jesus is not boring. At the chapel in the city today and looking at Jesus on a cross I am comfortable to see the nails in His hands and not in His wrists. But that’s me. I like having strong wrists. Maturity means a lot to me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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