WISDOM AND THERE IS WISDOM (What is the better half?)

In my young youth it was not that I did not think that there was a Supreme Creator God, it was I did not understand God. 

I think I believed in the One true God when I was developing awareness in my teens I even possessed a small gideon bible. I remember in my young adulthood looking at this bible but I could not seem to relate to it; reading it did not seem to help me; it was like I was not connected up to God. AND then I did not know how to connect up to the Supreme God. I knew about prayer but my heart and mind did not seem to be able to pray to God. I knew then little about Jesus Christ. I was like a lost soul. I was in the dark. I knew not the power of words. Words to me were not alive. I knew nothing about spiritual warfare. I knew nothing about demons. My thoughts were immature and depraved. 
Coming to God was not one Big Bang, bang I am with God. I was weltering in the wilderness. I had these thoughts to go to university. I was then living by myself and very lonely, I had a job but had no purpose. It was like someone was guiding me in my thinking to attend university. This someone must be Spirit. God. I joined up as a student and then arranged for my accommodation at a university hostel. It was like it was meant to be. I liked living in a hostel with other students. I made friends. Now I was not lonely. I met Christians. I was mentored by a Christian. I attended bible studies. I learnt to pray. My heart softened. I was on the journey of up. My rise was not sudden, my growing maturing wizening understanding has been a climb. I am going up not down. I have a simple soul; Satan was trying to convert my soul in to the wisdom of perversion. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. Simple souls believe. Perversion is Satan’s wisdom. Perversion is depravity. Satan uses his women to pervert the world. This women is Satan’s wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. In my coming to God, I repented of all my sins and accepted Jesus Christ in to my heart. I now was on a climb up. Satan’s wisdom is a going down. Climbing up has brought on me wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. Oh how I love Christ’s wisdom. Oh how I hated Satan’s wisdom. How grateful I am to be in the Body of Christ. 
It is foolish to choose Satan’s wisdom over God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




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