Major Mary Hegar says Women make better military helicopter pilots because women are better at multi tasking. She is effectively saying men in general are not good at multi tasking. 
I think – To be focussed is better for thinking. Does multi tasking and focus have similarities. Focus is to focus on ONE. To focus on ONE is keep ones right bearings. To focus on many is confusing and complicated. To focus on the ONE true GOD is the best thinking. One head, one body. One brain, one heart. One one one. Single tasking is better than multi tasking. Handling many tasks at the ONE time is complicated and not good for the mind and heart. The human spirit needs to focus on ONE. So for a male human to focus on many is to focus on many gods. Many gods can be many idols. Sanity is about focus on ONE not many. Many gods worship is demonic. Many gods worship is insane. Male humans who multi focus think of many gods. Female humans who multi idolize focus on many male humans. The female human looks to the male human. She focuses on the male. For the female to focus on ONE she is sane. The male human looks to God and the female human looks to the male human. Outside of our proper God focus we are perverted. To pervert is to turn away from. To pervert is to turn away from God. The woman who is good at multi thinking is being perverse. She is idolising many men, she is being perverse. To worship many is to get sick. 
Worshipping many complicates the thoughts and causes sickness to the body. To force the body off it’s one track is to cause sickness. 
If you are really focussed on your work, that is you are focussed on ONE, you are more likely to be in your true GOD vocation. Outside ONE you are complicated and not in the right God vocation. Your true vocation should be simple to do, it’s simple for you to do but looks complicated to do by other people who are not of your vocation. Everyone finds simplicity in their own true God vocation. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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