Human Immortality (Man Made)

I have thoughts here. Humans will control the DNA. We will be able to create our body parts etc and keep our bodies from ageing. Where is this going? Immortality. This must be the apex of man’s existence. 

Now God will have to stop man and his inventions/creations. Man wants to live on forever. I mean forever in their physical bodies. It makes me sick to think of such a possibility. But was Adam and Eve destined to live forever in their physical bodies before the fall? Man wants to be like God in all areas. We are created in Gods likeness but man wants so much more.
Is it wise to want to live forever in our mortal bodies. Oh sorry I mean immortal bodies. Oh please let me be free of my physical body. But in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ we get new bodies, immortal bodies; why can not man just hurry up the plan. But Immortal bodies made by God are very different from the immortal bodies made by man. 
Where is all this going? Man wants to take over from God. Man wants to create. Man wants to control. 
Man took knowledge of God and creates. Man’s fall was wanting to know as God knows. Humans will kill and heal with this knowledge. Knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge used for good and evil purposes. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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