On the way in to the city today I had some thoughts. People say about other people “They have a crutch”. A crutch is what people lean on for support. 

People might say “He has alcohol as his crutch”. “Or drugs, or sugar, or religion etc”. Yes religion in its outer form can be a crutch. But I see that the word “crutch” can be replaced with the word “crux”. Both words sound the same; but do they mean the same? Crux is the most important point at issue. Crux means also “cross”. Jesus Christ had His most important time and that was when He was nailed to a cross. “The crux of the matter is Jesus Christ”. Jesus on the cross is the most important time of all us humans. But Jesus had a crux and a crutch. The crux was the cross but the crutch was also the cross. Jesus was held up by a wooden cross. Jesus was nailed hand and feet to a wooden cross. The wooden cross was Jesus’ support. 
We true Christians also have our crux, crutch, cross. Our crutch, our support is also a cross; not literally but metaphorically. On the bus this morning I felt the pain in my heart. It was like I was carrying the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in my heart. I die literally to the sins in my heart. My heart, the world. The crux is the cross, the crutch is the cross, the cross crosses out all our sins. I feel the pain in my heart not just on a bus but the pain is noticeably often. The more sins around the more pain in my heart. The church contains many people. 
The church is ONE body. You carry my pains, I carry yours. The pain is universal to the body of Christ. There is no easy way out in the body of Christ. The easy way is the path to Hell. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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