The brain is in the head. And we know the head is up there. We are up there in thought. We are the head. God is the HEAD too. God is the head of the body of Christ. We die and rise to be with God above. We die to our old sinful selves. We are raised to think like Jesus Christ. We rule with Christ in the Heavenlies. We are saved. We think and we are saved. Salvation is in Words, Words of God. 

The brain has two hemispheres, or two main parts. The brain has the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. 
Humans have a brain like most creatures have a brain. But human brains are unique. Humans are made in the likeness ((image) of God. 
So humans think from two brain hemispheres. But are humans more prone to more one sided brain than the other. I mean humans are either right handed or left handed so why would humans not be either right brain or left brain. So humans have one dominant side of the brain. 
We also get right extreme thinkers or left extreme thinkers. The right side of the brain is the side that acts like a king. The right side lords it over the body. The right side is like Jesus Christ and His rule. The left side is like the Father Gods rule. Now all this teaching is metaphorical. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical. We have a Spiritual side to us, another completely new dimension from our physical awareness. 
Who thinks right brain? Pauline Hanson is to me a right wing thinker. Right thinking is politically right wing. Right wing thinkers do vote Liberal and are usually of the Pentecostal churches (that’s if they are of any religion). 
The left side of the brain is more the Words of the head and body. The Father God is in Words. The Father God is not visible. The right side is more of the physical rule as Jesus Came in to this world in physical and was raised physical. Right side people, being more of the physical than the left side people, we can call them (the right) more objective thinking and the left we can call more subjective thinking. Objective is “out there” and is about objects of physical. Subjective is subject in Words. Words are invisible and God is invisible. 
The left side thinkers are more prone to be of the heart than right side thinkers. The heart in the body is tending towards the left side of the body under the left side of the brain. Left side thinkers are more prone to follow causes made up in words whereas the right thinkers being objective see people as their cause to follow. People see Pauline Hanson and see her as an object to follow whereas left thinkers look to ideas, doctrine, dogmas; such are in words. Right thinkers are prone to be cultish with their leaders. Right thinkers want a leader that stands out. Jesus is in the right thinking and Jesus is the ultimate King of kings. Right thinking wants a strong leader. Right thinking thinks Jesus rules like a almighty ruling King who has all power and majesty. Right thinkers want a leader who acts like a majestic King and lords it over all. 
The parts of the body are the people. We are the parts. Jesus is the head. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We submit to the head. We obey the head. We do not control the body. The head controls the body. We listen and obey. We act subservient to the head. We let the head rule with the brain and the senses in the head. We do not rule. The body does not rule. We just obey. 
God commands us to love. Love God and our neighbour. It’s SIMPLE. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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