SPIRIT or spirits

Some of these young detainees are just so naughty. They trash the cells. They scream, they spit at the guards. No way would I want to be a guard at one of these places. The guards just get so upset. 

I mean they get the local fire brigade to hose out the cells. Can not the detainees just be quiet and behave? It’s not a racial thing here. We are talking about very bad behaviour. If your own children played up like this you might kick them out of home. Who wants people trashing ones home and spitting at you? Spit hoods are a protection to the guards. Saliva can cause sickness to those spit at. These children have no discipline. And now they are the States problem. Bad parenting is one of the causes. Parents that get drunk consistently don’t make good role models. Aborigine and alcohol go together. Aborigine have problems and no one wants to go there and help. A lot of aborigine drink alcohol in excess. But why? Why are the aborigine not fitting in to society like the white man has? Most leadership or professional jobs have no aborigine. Aborigine are just drinking themselves senseless. Why do people play the racialist card here? Whatever colour of your skin we should all get on. There is Spirit and there is spirits. Spirit with a capital S is God and spirits with a small s is alcohol. When the white people came to Australia they brought with them Spirit and spirits. One, the alcohol spirits, is of this world and can lead to demonic influence. On the other hand Spirit of God is from heaven and is good for you.
We speak about God Spirit as ONE; not God Spirits; not many. God is ONE. Alcohol is spirits, MANY. Many is complex whereas one is simplex. Simplex is the answer to life. Simplex gives meaning to life. Worship the God Spirit not the alcohol spirits. True Wisdom comes from Spirit not spirits. 
You choose between the Spirit or spirits. Choose wisely, don’t be a fool. The wise choose the heavenly Holy Spirit. Of course there are those who choose both Spirit and spirits. But God Spirit should dominate ones life.
NB: Australian Aborigine.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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