Today I was in a chapel. I sat here for a while, thinking, reflecting and contemplating. Ok these actions i describe are really meaning the same thing. I am just thinking consciously. But I can think out loud, I hear my thoughts. I don’t verbalise my thoughts but I hear my thinking inside. So here I am now later writing down my thoughts. I think and therefore I am. I am who I am. I feel therefore I am. I am who I feel. I think and I feel. 

So what was I thinking in my great thought burst in my time today at this chapel. Let me first say that this chapel is a Catholic chapel. Why would I find inspirational thought in a Catholic chapel? Beats me. I did marry a Catholic lady so there is something much deeper here than maybe I realise. But to me denomination and church can be immature. God is not head of a denomination, God is head of a body. My physical body is not a denomination, cult or a sect. Let’s be mature. None of this “I am better than you” nonsense. We who are in the body of Christ do not need to have labels of denomination. The body of Christ is more than just man made denomination. Be mature. But as I said I married a Roman Catholic lady and I am ok about that. Roman Catholics extol Mother Mary. I am no Mother Mary worshipper but I think a lady who sees Mother Mary as the virtue of virtues has my vote. Jesus’ Mother is the example of all true women. 
My bursts of thought were: I looked around the chapel. It was dead quiet. Dead to the world that is. My thoughts began,True church environment should be natural. To pray and worship God we need to be in a natural place. No man made inventions in our true prayer and worship place. God is natural we need to be with natural to pray and worship natural. No artificial. No radios, no televisions, no computers, no electronic wizardry stuff at all. The prayer house made of simple basic building materials not plastic material but wood or stone or maybe brick. Even lighting has to be natural. No electricity in to this prayer house. Use candles by all means. Use kerosene lights if necessary. Use natural lighting, sunlight for example. Keep all wires out of this prayer house.
The idea of a natural prayer and worship house is to be natural with God. We want to see and hear and smell and feel natural. No artificial noises coming from electronic gadgetry. We want to hear the birds singing. We want to hear the rain falling. We want to hear the wind blowing. We want natural sunlight coming in to our prayer house. We want silence, silence of man, silence if all man made inventions AND listen to God made noises. We want to see listen smell taste feel God and we can not do that with mans inventions. With our senses on God we can think normal. Most of life’s thoughts in mankind are now not normal because mankind has been making his own gods. Mankind will make his own god in his own likeness and bow down and worship it. 
When we see simple church, the natural church, we know we are going to be closer to God. The modern churches love their man made inventions. Youth love man made. Youth are the bulk membership of the modern churches. Modern churches are immature. Fundamentalism is popular in these modern churches. These churches act cultish in their adulation of their leaders. Not that the traditional church like the Catholic are shy of worshipping persons like the Pope and Mother Mary. I am happy being married to a Catholic lady and am glad I never married a Pentecostal lady or for that matter a Protestant lady. My wife extols the good thinking of a Catholic wife who thinks much of family and children. Family to me is so important. Alas the Catholic priests in great numbers have let the side down. Catholic priests and Catholic religious have desecrated the temple of God, their bodies, and made a hypocrisy of all their teachings. A little poison in a bottle of water poisons all the water. But we forgive and make the most of what we have. 
We don’t give in. We have hope. Christ is above. We love our neighbour. We love God. There is no happy happy life, there is no utopia in this world, we plod on, faithful and loyal to a Supreme God we do not see. Sins in the church should not worry us. We are all sinners. We often read the Holy Scriptures and often pray. The people let us down but God does not let us down. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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