Progress is about making money. Making money is about having riches. Riches are about physical comforts. Comforts are about living luxury. Luxury is about idle living and worshipping materialism.

Materialism is like a religion to a lot of people. Materialists like to deny the existence of soul and human spirit. Materialists are usually atheists. Atheism is “a” for anti and “theist” for God; anti God. Anti in some cases does not have to mean unbelief but just against. Atheists in many cases, when in trouble, will call on God just like anybody else. Atheists can spend much writings and speech arguing that God does not exist BUT why argue that God does not exist if you don’t believe He exists. If God does not exist in ones mind or heart why try and prove that? I think atheists try and lock God out of their minds and hearts. God is in all. How atheists hate God. Atheists probably hate their own human parents. What fools atheists are.
Progress is about taking Gods creation and making it in to man made creation. In this making we get waste. In making man made from God made we get what man calls “Progress”. Progress is slowly turning this earth and world in to “artificial”.
Robots will do all the work. What will mankind do when robots do all the work? Mankind just rests. God rested after He had made the universe. Does God still rest? When robots do all the work the nations people might have a “basic universal income”. Income not worked for. The Mark of the Beast will come. This Mark will give people of the Mark access to money; money from a basic universal income.
Robots will be:

Cyborgs – part artificial, part living human.

Humanoids – all artificial. Made in mankind’s image.
There might be a cult of mankind worshipping humanoids. There will be humans that will worship humanoids as gods. Then we will know that the End Times are getting closer. Man makes man in his her own image. Mankind becomes God. Man is God and humanoids are gods. The full transformation.
“Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life on this planet”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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