Teachers can be lazy teachers. Teachers like teaching the quick intelligent students because these bright students are easy to teach. Teachers would prefer to let the students do most of the donkey work. Ok teachers have a big work load, I mean some schools have a high student to teacher ratio. How would you like to have to teach hundreds of students over a whole day week in week out. Schools don’t help. Teachers need less students and better teaching aids. Ok put the quicker intelligent students in classes by themselves. Now the less intelligent students need teachers who will teach with grunt, hard work. These low intelligent students should not learn in classes with high student ratio to teachers. Small classes. Teachers don’t want to teach low intelligent students, I mean it hard work, and who likes hard work. 

The simple way to how to teach and the simple way for students to learn is: –
“Let us please know, everyone know, that when a teacher teaches his students the teacher teaches always as if he’s teaching small children no matter what age the students are. Teach simple. And if the students still do not understand teach again more simpler. Bring reason to the answer. Students usually do not know what questions to ask. And if they do know questions to ask they are scared to ask because they think they will look stupid to ask such simple questions. The teacher should reinforce the idea that the students can ask simple to very simple questions of the teacher. The teacher is there to help the students learn not to try and make the students look stupid”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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