GOD HEAD or God Heart – Who rules?

In my Christian youth I mixed with Christian fundamentalists quite a lot. Even in my later age I was known to frequent their houses of worship. I never properly fitted in. For example I never spoke in tongues. To speak in tongues meant you were saved, one of the chosen, the elect of God. These churches were on the whole called Pentecostal Churches. In some ways these churches were elitist. So we get to call these Pentecostal followers bigots. 

Bigotry is religious zeal but zeal not always right. So we get people here who can be what we call “pushy”. They do have good intentions but their motives are suspect. The youth are the majority here in these Pentecostal churches and what are the prime importances of youth? Sex, money and power; not necessary in that order. Youth are more about feelings than reason. Youth are immature. The older age group tend to be in the Traditional churches. These Traditionalists are usually more mature. Yes they are called hypocrites because they say one thing and do another. We have the bigoted Pentecostals and the hypocritical Traditionalists. The Pentecostals seem to never move from base one. These people are called the fundamentalists, they never move from the fundamentals of their religion. They do not go on to deep thinking. These people are immature thinkers. What stands out to me is that these people (called Pentecostals) are people of the heart not the head. These people are guided more by their feelings not their thoughts. These people say that the Holy Spirit is in charge and that this Spirit is in their heart so to them the heart rules. But Jesus is the Head not the body. Jesus is the Head and the head rules the body. The heart is in the body not in the head. Is the Holy Spirit in charge or is Jesus Christ the head in charge? Both are in charge. But the God head rules. And the Holy Spirit is in the God head. But the Holy Spirit is in the heart. This is a mystery. The Holy Spirit came from the head. 
God is the brains of the body of Christ. God is the head of the body. The heart does not rule. People who rule from the heart are immature. People who rule from the heart rule from feelings not words. The head rule is the words rule. Feelings should not rule. Words should rule and Gods Words rule all other words. The head rules the heart, the head rules the body. Submit the heart to the head, submit the body to the head. The head is the seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting; the body is stupid without these senses. These senses help the body. The head helps the body. The head is the brains of the body. The body is stupid without the head.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


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