It is natural that we have a constant. 

The universe needs one major binding constant. A constant that is like a plumb line to line up the whole universe. We need a one major constant to keep our sanity. We must measure ourselves up by this true real straight constant. 
God says he never changes. To not change makes a constant. God is constant. We measure ourselves by Gods constant. God is our plumb line as to what is level headed. Level is straight. Level is sanity. 
Scientists say “Light is constant”. Einstein said “Light is constant”. 
The bible says “God is light”. Metaphorically of course. 
To measure this universe we have a constant in light to make our measurements. Can we measure God? Can we measure God by light? 
To be a measured person is to be a cultured person. To be cultured is to be sane. A good culture not a bad culture is the desire. God is a measured good culture full of light. There is bad dark culture. 
To not have a constant to rule our lives we drift, we wander, we are not rooted down, we blow about in the wind, we lack faith, we follow any Tom, Dick or Harry. 
God is our living constant in Jesus Christ. We have our foundation and growth in God. Gods WORDS. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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