OCEAN DEVIL – Written by James MacManus

A true story about George Hogg. George was well educated lived in England went to the best schools and when just out of university went to try his hand overseas. George went to Japan with his aunt. Japan was sharpening its swords for a fight. This was just before Japan greatly expanded its military take overs; they had already taken parts of China. George could not have gone to Asia at a worst time. Japan was acting belligerent to its neighbour nations and its military ruled the Japanese Government. George was young and single and curious about the world. 

George came from a deeply Christian religious family that hated violence in any form. George was taught pacifism from a young age. Georges’ family were pacifists so it is strange that a pacifist wants to be in an area that is so entering in on violence. George travelled to China. George stayed in Shanghai for a time then moved inland. The Japanese attacked Shanghai and George took up pen to write for Western newspapers. George moved where the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek had his seats of Government. The Nationalist Government moved its seat of Government many times going further inland retreating from the invading Japanese military. George met Rewi Alley a New Zealander who was sympathetic to the Communist cause. George accepted a job as a head master of a Chinese boys cooperative school. The school was a success but the Japanese were getting close to the school. George and all his pupils walked, some in a lorry, some on carts, over a number of mountains to set up a new school on the edge of the Gobi Desert far from the reach of the Japanese. George was playing sport with the boys and he stubbed his feet. Tetanus took a hold. The school or town had no serum. The closest serum was days away over mountains. George died before the serum arrived. 
George seemed like a saint to me. I think George Hogg is a man worthy to be read about in the good light of God. We can read about George knowing we are reading about good. Ok no one is all good, Yes we carry good and bad in us, but George leaned to the good. I won’t read a book if I am not enjoying it. I choose my books with my much thought and searching. I like my central character in books to be of good moral character. I don’t expect excellence but I expect attempts at good to very good. 
China was a melting pot of war and political furore. George came along and saw people in need. The bulk of the Chinese were poor and starving. The war was against the Japanese. But China had two Chinese factions vying to be in charge. There was the Nationalists and there was the Communists. The Japanese surrendered and the two Chinese factions fought it out. Mao the communist leader and Chiang Kai-Shek the Nationalist leader were both bad. It was nothing to both leaders for millions of Chinese to die. Mao and his forces won; the Nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan and Mao and his Communists ruled China. 
George Hogg seemingly did not get involved in Chinese politics; he had his faith In God as the underlying theme and rock of his life. George was taught well by his parents to help those in need. The school boys that George was head master of were boys he could help and he helped them; such was Georges’ Christian duty. 
A very good read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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