Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. I think so. Diamonds are made up out of carbon. That makes me think, humans are also made up a lot out of carbon. Carbon forms the key component for all life on Earth. So can we carbon date the Earth?

Carbon is in plants.There is a carbon cycle. Humans exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of humans. BUT what is one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Plants need carbon. Plants take carbon from the air and use it to grow.
Carbon is in the Earth’s crust. Carbon exists in the Earth’s crust as coal, oil, and diamonds. Now to carbon date the Earth. Where does the carbon come from that exists in the Earth’s crust? We know carbon comes from life. Plants and all living creatures on the Earth’s surface are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon in the crust may come from this carbon source – plants and living creatures. Also carbon can come from carbon dioxide trapped below in the Earth’s crust.
Coal, oil, and diamonds are carbon but they do not appear over night; they came about through much intense heat and pressure. Coal, oil, and diamonds do not grow like plants and creatures do. Coal comes from the surface plants and animals, creatures. But coal may take hundreds of thousands of years to form. Coal may after much heat and much pressure form in to oil. And oil after a long time may turn in to diamonds. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. To refine something to make it pure you need very high temperatures. The purer to make something, the higher the temperatures are needed. This takes time. Diamonds take longer than coal or oil to form. Diamonds may take millions or billions of years to form. Now we are getting close to understanding how old our Earth is. Yes a age of nothing less than maybe billions of years. Carbon is our measuring tool of the age of our Earth, and diamonds are the peak of understanding of the Earth’s age.
I do not know how old human existence is. Who knows? Life may have come much later after the Earth was formed. But the carbon in the Earth’s crust could not have all come from trapped carbon dioxide. Plants and living creatures must have contributed to main source of coal, oil, and diamonds in the Earth’s crust. So life must have been around a long time. Dead carbon life on this Earth leaches from ground level in to the depths of the Earth’s crust.
I do think all things start simple. Simple is one. One cell is the beginning to make many cells. Everything starts with one. One with water makes many. Water is needed to make life. A cell needs water to live. So in the beginning of life there was water. Life first existed in the water. Life started in water. Life emerged out of the water but life has to still consume water. The Christian symbol of the FISH may tell us more than most people think. Fish live in water. God may have subtly sent a message to humans in the fish symbol. Fish may be the beginning of human life. Truth maybe staring us in the face yet people see but do not see, they see but do not understand.
The Earth looks like it has been in existence for billions of years. Life came later. But how much later? When did water come? Water has to come for life to exist. So the Earth had water. When water came life came too. Did the Spirit of God hover over the WATERS and create the universe? Was water always here? Was water before the universe? Was the universe created out of water? Did God use water to create? Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is power/energy. Was hydrogen and oxygen in water used to create the universe? If water was always here then the Earth in the beginning might have had water. If water was in and on the Earth at the beginning then life might have followed soon after the Earth’s conception. Another thought: If water existed before the universe was made; there might have existed life living in this water. Life existed before the universe was made. Now these are only my thoughts. Fish the Adam and Eve ancestor and snakes the Devil ancestor. Just my thoughts. Fish and snakes in a large ocean of water.
Now I do not profess to know. I think. That is not a crime. I discern. If I am correct in my words, I am only correct in God, if I am not correct I am incorrect in me. I still carry some of me in my body but I do carry God in me too, I want to die to myself and carry God in me, but all takes time just as a tree takes time to grow.
I think God created and life evolved. I have not always thought this. In my youth I too thought I knew it all. I flirted with fundamentalism a lot. We young fundamentals knew it all, the older more mature people knew naught. We were wise. To just stay with the fundamentals and not grow past such make for immature thought. We need to get past the milk stage and eat the meat. Many Christians never mature (in thought). What irks me the most is not the young immature fundamentalist people but the old fundamentalist people. Old should be wise. Alas it is not always the case.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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