Of course I am.
But listening to what?

You stupid? can you not see I am watching television. 

So what are you listening to?

Golly i said the television.

Grrrr. But we have an inner life as well as an outer life.

Quiet i am listening. Go dodgers. Oh. Go. Goal!!!

But George I am your spouse i want to be listened to.

I listen to you all the time.

No you don’t.

I do.



You listen with your outer ear.

Go dodgers!!

George!! George!!

What inner life?

It’s hard to describe. But we live in an inner life. 

Bahh!!! Missed the goal. 

George you are in me and i am in you.

What was that dear, can you pass me another beer.

George are you listening?

Of course dear, you said an inner life.

Yes an inner life. We live in an inner spiritual life. Call it a kingdom. 

And who rules this inner kingdom? 

God in Jesus Christ.

Another missed goal. Some people don’t learn.

George you and me and everyone else in this inner kingdom are just thoughts apart. 

That Smith needs to think more. Look he moving too far away from the ball.

George this kingdom is real.

I know dear. Smith is real but he acting unreal. Oh it’s half time. Pass the chippies dear.

You are not listening.

I listen.

You listen with your outer ears but you have no time to listen from your inner ears. We are not just flesh we are spirit too. 

Spirit dear.

Yes spirit. 

What spirit?

Your spirit lives in you.

In my body.

Yes in your body, to be exact in your heart. 

What’s this inner kingdom?

I think of the movies trilogy Matrix. Do you remember the movies?

Yes and what has Matrix movie got to do with this so called inner kingdom?

Matrix had two kingdoms, one outer and one inner.

A bit too much vinegar in these chips. 

Matrix is just fiction but it gives off a metaphor to read in to. This inner kingdom is very real as real as the outer kingdom is real. To listen to really listen we must listen with both our outer ears and inner ears. 

Another beer if you don’t mind dear.

Oh here’s your beer. You are not listening. 

Quiet dear they are about to give the half time score. 


Dear are you ok? You don’t need to scream. Go and lie down.


But the footy. Can’t it wait until after the footy has finished.




The neighbours will hear.

The neighbours can hear for all I care. I just want you to hear.

Ok dear you win. There the television is now turned off. What is it dear?

We live in two kingdoms.

Oh yer the inner kingdom and the outer kingdom.


So what’s this to do with the movies Matrix?

The movies had two parallel kingdoms. One inner and one outer.


The movie is just fiction but it shows a metaphorical angle to what life in reality is like. It’s the having two kingdoms.

Who do I listen to with my inner ear?

Your inner ear is your spiritual ear. You listen to others.

Others? Who others?

We in this body of Christ Jesus are connected up in words. We are as close to everyone else in this body by words. Words can be thoughts or spoken words or written words BUT WORDS. We listen to other people and perceive understanding. We understand each other in the body of Christ by words.

What about television? 

Television is man made wizardry. It’s electronic wizardry. You do not connect up to television in spirit. The television does not have a living spirit. 

So what happens if i listen and watch the television?

You dull your mind. You dull your senses. Spirit is what inspires and feeds your spirit. You need to connect up in spirit to really learn and grow. 

What about radio?

All man made is without spirit.

But the plants do not have spirit and that is God made I presume. 

Yes God made plants but only humans are sapient and have soul and spirit. 

Don’t birds and fish and animals have spirit?

I don’t know the answer to that but I know as a human I do not connect up in words with any creatures other than humans. Humans are the only creatures in Gods image.

Why do most humans not hear with their inner ears?

Flesh the physical came first. Humans sin. Spirit came after the flesh. Sins get in the way of understanding. Satan (and the woman who sits on the back of the Dragon Satan) deceive the people of the world. Satan and his woman keep people from getting wisdom and understanding of God. It is as if there was a veil over people’s minds, a veil so people can not know the truth.

Dear can I get back to the footy.

Have you not listened to anything I have just said?

Yes dear. You said there is a veil over my mind. Please dear the footy.

Ok! ok! watch your footy.

Thanks dear. More chippies dear.


Thanks dear.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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