The Movie “LION”

The movie moved my heart in places. Especially when Saroo at the end met his mother. 

I saw the poverty in India. And there was also the abuse against children. Australia obviously has no track record such as India on children abuse. Abuse is rampant in India. 
I thought what would I do to help the people of India? Not fly them all to Western nations. The mess has to be cleaned up at home. Home is where the heart is. Clean ones own home up. Not take people from their nation home and put them in another’s nations homes. Yes I know the West is cleaner than India. But why? I think maybe the problem with India is first their pagan Hindu religion. Religion is where ones home is. The heart of a person is their beliefs. Beliefs shape thoughts. And thoughts are words. We stand on our words. I don’t for one minute think Hindu religion helps a person. It works the opposite this Hindu religion darkens people’s minds and hearts. 
If I was in charge of India I would: 

Set up districts with Governors having wide judiciary powers. The Governors would be Christ believing people. 

It’s about having the mind of Christ in charge. 

The Governors would be strictly moral. The Governors would be audited and overseen by moral leaders based in the capital. 
Co operatives would be set up. Work places each employing hundreds of people. Rewi Alley a New Zealander based in China in the late 1930’s organised co operatives. Such were not too successful because of corrupt political interference. Rewi was an acknowledged communist. I am no communist but these co ops would manufacture goods. Co ops can also be in to planting and growing crops. The co ops would put back profits to the workers and their community. 
In Europe and Great Britain in the past we had Lords of the Manor. The Lord would have land given to him from the ruling Monarch. The Lord owns the land. Peasants called serfs worked the land. The lands would be big holdings. Many villages would be on each Lords land. The Lord owned the villages. Profits went to the Lord of the Manor. The Lord was like God to his serfs. The serfs were Christians and every Sunday worshiped at their village church. The village Church Minister had influence and helped keep some village records. 
So there are TWO ways we can tackle the poverty in India. 
India in the past had ruling Lords. These Lords were Indian, they had vast lands, much riches, big palaces – but we’re not really helping the people. These Indian rulers lived just for themselves. These Royal rulers in India were done away with and the Indian Government took on all governing. 
Why did the European model of rule succeed more than the Indian model of rule over poverty? Ok the population per square mile in India is much much higher density than it is in Europe. But still why did India not mature and grow in to a fruitful wealthy society. There is no good fruit from this Indian tree. India is like a dry and impoverished tree. Poverty is based on thoughts. Thoughts are based on beliefs. India has a religion based on idol worship. Idol worship is pagan. The Bible says “preach the good news to the poor”. The Words of God make us rich. Rich is a state of mind as is poverty a state of mind. Poor in thought, poor in spiritual, poor in physical. 
The European did not go straight to riches from heaven. The European state of mind grew and matured and with this mature tree came good fruit and with the tree we have a well manicured garden. 
So the people in to idol worship live in poverty of mind and heart and these people see Europeans as like gods. Europeans have Christianity as their basis of religion, whatever people might say. But not all Europeans/British have good intentions when they go in to business. Christianity has spread over this world but with it at times evil has followed. Missionaries go out but merchants follow or vice versa merchants go out and missionaries follow. Merchants are about profit at whatever cost. Merchants and business people have been bad examples to this world. 
India was the gem in the crown for the British. India used to be a colony of Great Britain. But the job was obviously too hard for the British to tame this Indian society. Hindu had taken root too much. Muslim had taken root too much. The British did not want to work too hard. 
There are two ways to help India:

Other than the obvious, change its religion. 

(1) We do what Rewi Alley did in China. We come from a left politically inspired direction. We create collectives, co operatives. All State owned. But this way has proved in lack of incentive. People hate working for the State. State working robs people of inspiration. The State is made out to be God. God is robbed of His place in people’s lives. 
(2) We create provinces ruled by Lords who are consecrated in their jobs by the the Christian leaders. The Christian Church has great powers given to it. The Christian Church has authority on all moral and spiritual matters. 

The Province Lords are beholden to the civil and religious authorities. The church and State are unified. Both church and State share the nations powers. In the past European authority was shared by church and State. Now church power is diminished; but is that good. But in the West the tree has matured and is some what fruitful.
States that choose or are based on Christian way of thinking have shown to be a better tree of life. Christian thought has matured and this has only but been good for the society that this Christian thought has been based in.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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