Nothing but short of an outstanding read. I enjoyed every sentence; thank you Alex. The words flowed like water, clean, fresh and invigorating. Alex the true patriot to his regiment. He calls his regiment family. Alex saw war service in a number of countries, Africa, Middle East and Bosnia. 
A real crunch was in Sarajevo. What a mayhem Sarajevo was. This war in Bosnia mystifies me. Why were the Serbs so compelled to ethnic cleanse the Muslims in to only but oblivion? The Bosnian Muslims were treated by the Serbs in many cases just how the Jews were treated by the Nazis in the Second World War. Ethnic cleansing in any form is barbaric. The Serbs were nothing but rabid animals in how they treated the Muslims. The Serbs might say “But we are Christians” yer but I say “Rabid Christians”. 
The UN administration in Bosnia showed a side of ineptness. Politicians and desk jockeys played with people’s lives. I remember the genocide in Rwanda and here again the UN leadership was inept. The UN seem to be a hoity toity well paid status seeking group of people playing the cocktail circuit. In the mean time lots of money is wasted and lots of people die. But the UN was set up just to be where nations can come together over cocktails and iron out the world’s problems. The UN wanted nations to dialogue together and what better way than dialogue over drinks and caviar. But the UN is an expensive party. Alex our Foreign Legionnaire was immersed in the front lines of UN peacekeeping. Keeping the peace between the Serbs and the Bosnians was nothing short of a nightmare.   
I like my authors to be people of good moral fibre. Alex proved his worth. 
We have the PEACE KEEPERS and we have the PEACE MAKERS. The disparity between the peace maker and the peace keeper can be borderline, meaning there is little difference. To keep the peace we first have to make the peace. Before peace there is chaos. 
In the beginning the Spirit hovered over the waters. There was chaos and darkness. Then God created. The Spirit of God was the power of God. God brought order and light to the chaos and darkness. God brought peace. 
When two groups are fighting. The peace makers make peace between the two opposing groups. Terms of peace are made. Both sides agree to the terms of peace. Peace is made. Now to keep the peace. Peace keepers keep the peace. The peace keepers try to keep the opposing sides in line. The sides may fight again and the peace makers may come in again to restore the peace. Peace makers may even use military might to make the peace. The peace keepers usually do not use military might but they can. The peace keepers are not supposed to be for one side or the other, they are meant to be neutral. For peace makers to be used there first has to be a need for peace so there is first conflict, there is fighting. The UN try and make peace between opposing sides in negotiations. Civilians can make the peace and soldiers can keep the peace. But soldiers can also be used to make the peace by using military force. 
God is a peace maker and a peace keeper. We also make peace with God. Many people when dying call in a priest and through the priest the dying try and make their peace with God. Making peace with God usually means repenting of ones sins. We also can make peace with other people by saying sorry. To make peace we confess our sins and forgive others their sins against us. The truly brave person makes peace with God at an early age not when they are dying. We make peace and then we keep the peace. Keeping the peace means obeying Gods commandments. God has just two commandments in the New Testament; love God and love your neighbour as yourself. By obeying God we keep the peace not only just with God but with everyone else. 
Alex Lochrie thank you again for a great read. You and your fellow soldiers made the peace and also kept the peace in many hot spots in this world. Wow what a read. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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