SPIRITS (God and alcohol)

Life was simple for Lester but the world was complex. Lester just wanted simplicity but people were pushing complexity on him. God saw my dilemma. Everyone was so clever. But they were clever of the world not clever of God. Lester believed most spirits. The simple believe. But the simple believe even the bad. The simple die in their simplicity. The simple to believe the complexity of mankind struggle to survive. Coping with complexity is one trauma to the next. God knew what Lester needed. Lester needed simplicity but the simple truth. Lester was taught by the world that complexity was truth, how far was that wrong, complete wrong. Lester’s mind was bombarded with complex thoughts day and night. Lester went on a world trip. He went to many countries over about 3 and half months. In his time away his thoughts became sane, no bombarding of his mind. The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own family, town or country”. Lester returned home. Lester believed the world and thus was imprisoned by the thoughts of the world. Simplicity does not go well with this world. Simplicity really gets sick in this world. 

Australia Day. Yer man, Australia Day. 

What do you do?

We get in to the spirit.

Oh that’s nice.

Nice? It’s beautiful. 

You want spirit. 

I sure do.

Spirit will bring you peace and joy. 

I want it.

Come with me.

But why is Australia Day celebrated?

It’s the invasion. 


We invaded this land.

Who invaded who?

The whites, our ancestors, invaded the black man’s land.

Why invade?

Land, land, land.


Land you know. People want land. To grow crops for a start. There’s also the minerals and oil. And water of course. We need land to survive. 

But why take the black man’s land?

Why not? Invasion is part and parcel of life. The strong take from the weak.

But why?

Survival of the fittest. 

Oh survival of the strong.

Yer who wants to be the runt of the family, dive in get all you can. Live. The Vikings invaded Britain. Germany tried to invade Britain. Britain invaded many countries. You know “Brittanica rules the waves”. To get rich someone has to suffer. Equality is a day dream utopia, it’s not realistic. Nations invade other nations. 

But this spirit.

Yer Australia Day is about getting in the spirit and consuming the spirit. The spirit takes away our problems. Want a solution to all your problems take the spirit. 

Hey hi dudes.

Oh hi.

Look David me and Lester are cooling out can you give us head space.

Let David stay.

No he’s trouble.

What trouble?

He speaks about spirit too but another Spirit.

Lester Spirit is real. There are two spirits, one of the world and one of God. Oh of course there is also Satan’s spirits called demons.

Will spirit help me?

The spirit Matt talks about is man made spirit. Another name for it is alcohol. 

Man leave us alone. 

No I want to hear David.

Australia Day is celebrated by the public with man made spirits. It’s a false celebration, it’s a worldly celebration. Alcohol is false hope, false love, false faith. 

What about this Spirit of God?

I am out of here.

Why go?

I feel sick. I need to lie down. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. 

Leave him Lester. Come with me.

What will the God Spirit do for me?

The Spirit is a Spirit of TRUTH. You will get love, hope and faith. You Lester believed the world. You are simple. The simple believe but they may die if they believe the world. 

I want the God Spirit. 

The God Spirit will make you very wise. The simple become wise. The simple believe God all the way. To go all the way with the world is certain death. Ask Jesus Christ to come in to your heart. Repent of all your sins to God. Believe in the Gospel of Salvation – Jesus Christ was born of a virgin named Mary, Jesus at 30 years old preached, taught, and healed. For 3 years Jesus ministered. Jesus was crucified on a cross. God the Father was in Jesus. Jesus is Gods Son begotten of God and Jesus is God the Son. The Holy Spirit was in Jesus. Jesus died to the old order of law and sins. The Jewish laws and its accompanying salvation died in Jesus. Salvation was now by FAITH in Jesus Christ. Jesus died to all our sins. Jesus came back to life. Jesus met many people. Jesus ascended up in to heaven to sit at the right hand side of God the Father.

What about Australia Day?

Forget Australia Day. That Day is the world’s celebration. We in God’s Spirit celebrate Christ. We celebrate the salvation of souls. We celebrate God. 

God I repent of ALL my sins. Jesus Christ please come in to my heart and be my Lord. I believe the salvation message as David my new friend has told me. Jesus you died but you live. Jesus you live in heaven at the right hand side of God the Father.
Man Made spirits have been the undoing of many people. The victims like the black skinned people take alcohol (spirits) to make them forget the shame, the shame of being invaded by a stronger force. The weak need to rise up, with Spirit, not spirit (alcohol). Alcohol is false strength, God’s Spirit is true real strength. The aborigine will never get their strength and power back with alcohol. Alcohol is false hope. God is true love, true hope and true faith. The aborigine are going after the wrong spirit. The white man takes the spirit too. The white man wants to forget his transgressions. The white man invaded other nations in the name of Spirit and spirit. The Spirit must grieve when mankind does evil.
Can we the body of Christ justify invading other nations and making empire? Is it really just about money? I don’t know. For starters Great Britain would be splitting at the seams in over population if the British and Scots did not emigrate. 
To test how much a person is in to the world or in to heaven is to see how much alcohol they drink. The more drinking of alcohol the more worldly a person is. 
The man made spirit (alcohol) is not the simple solution for mankind’s problems. Alcohol is not simple it is complex. The simple truth solves our problems. Alcohol spirits is a false solution. God’s Words are the Simple Truth. Man made solutions do not solve mans problems. We need simplicity. The human body needs simplicity. The human soul and human spirit need simplicity. The human heart needs simplicity. Jesus Christ is that SIMPLE TRUTH.
Let me say we Christians are still in this world, that is obvious, but we are not off this world. We Christians look to the next world, the heavenly world. Man made and God made are different. Man worships his her creations. Man even worships God’s creation. We worship not creation we worship the creator but we don’t worship man. Man is looked at as being God because he she creates. We worship God, not God’s creation, not man or woman, not man or woman’s creation. 
Man: male and female.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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