I was on the bus today. I was coming in to the city. I looked across the aisle and there was a lady in a short dress or short pants either one or the other I can not remember exactly. Here I was looking only but a quick glance and I mused. We are known by our words not by our looks. I thought I don’t know this lady until I hear her words. Looks can deceive. We know God not by His looks but by His Words. We don’t know what God looks like. 

We do know Jesus Christ became a human being and Jesus Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible Father God. We do not know what Jesus Christ looks like. Oh we see pictures of Jesus Christ up on walls in church buildings. We even have statues of Jesus in some church buildings. But these pictures and statues of Jesus are not real. We do not know what Jesus looked like when He was living in this world. We do not know Jesus by His looks, we only know Jesus by His Words. We have the Holy Scriptures, Words, that are Jesus’ legacy. God is about Words not looks. God is Words. So to know a person, to really know, listen to their words. Listen to words and over time you will perceive thoughts. Listening needs to be an around the clock skill. We listen and perceive, we understand. Now listening is only one sense. We need to use all our senses to evaluate true reality. We don’t know true reality by just listening. We need also to see, smell and taste. We see creation but we see past creation to see God with our insight in creation. God is in us. God within, Emanuel. God is in humans. We smell God. We taste God. We consume God in words. We consume God in Jesus Christ. Sound cannibal? It does. We need Spiritual food and Jesus Christ is our Spiritual food. Don’t eat your neighbours. Don’t bite your neighbour. Consume Jesus and Jesus alone. Preach Jesus you preachers and eat Jesus. Don’t preach yourselves. The Words of God can have a smell, a taste; you can hear them, you can see them. Jesus Christ became a human being. Jesus became physical and we think of Him as still physical. Jesus rose up in to heaven in the physical. We do not see Jesus because He is up in heaven. Why do humans have to eat Jesus? Are we cannibals? We drink Jesus Blood and eat Jesus Flesh. But ALL in Words. But why? Beats me. Sounds barbaric in a way. But God knows best we just follow Gods instructions. Who are we to think we know better than the Supreme Creator God. 
Not by looks but by words. We know a person by their words. A mature thinking person, wise in thought knows how looks can be deceiving and words are really where life is at. We commune with our brothers and sisters in the body. We Christians are in a body. A universal body. We are in thought in this body. Listen and commune. Immature thinkers not wise in the Words are not able to understand much. Young people are prone to the physical passions and therefore are robbed of the ability to think in the Words of God. We can be shallow thinkers skin deep or deep thinkers thinking deep in to God. Sin makes for Spiritual darkness. When our sins and our ancestry sins are washed away we see and know. When our spiritual eyes see God within totally we see in true reality. Reality is how much we know God within. We are spirit and soul. In knowing God fully our body is full of light, our eyes are full of light. 
Does God predestine humans to be saved? I think so. We do not elect to be saved; God elects us. 

Thinking is a good skill. All humans should think. I am very conscious of my thoughts. Sins can get in the way of thinking. The sins of the flesh can stop wise thinking. Wise thought should go ahead of all human endeavours. We are known by our words, in spoken, written and also in thought. Read people. Listen and read. We are in a body of thought. Sin not. The dirty (sins) unwashed people keep to their own. The washed (of sins) people also keep to their own. The washed are full of light. Light and dark are not friends; just as Satan and God are not friends. The children of God listen to God and each other. Satan’s children do not listen to us. We know the children of Satan because they do not have ears to hear. Words are God. Satan does not listen to the Words. Snakes do not listen to Words. The serpent lives in the children of Satan. Satan has his universal body. Two universal bodies, one God’s and one Satan’s. 
Humans are sapient, homosapiens. Sapient meaning wise, discerning, thinking. Humans are the only creatures that are sapient. God gave humans words. We humans think with words. God is in Words. God created all creation with Words. Words of God made the one universe. Verse and Uni. One verse. Verse, spoken measured words, spoken like a poem. Creation, spoken into being. The Spirit of God being the power of God. Gods Words are alive. The elegant poetical universe. We see the universe but we see meta, beyond, we see the metaphorical God, the God beyond the physical universe. God created the universe with Words. 
We see the lady in the bus but we see beyond the ladies looks we see the words, we see and perceive the lady in word. We think and commune. We are the church the living body, the universal body, we are close, you are in me, I am in you, Jesus Christ is in the body the living Church; speak wisely. Love. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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