Our eyes want or need natural light (sunlight not man made light bulbs). Natural is all God made. Artificial is unnatural and is man made. Using artificial man made light to see with does not help our natural eyes, brain, body. Our body and head are natural, God made. Our senses need natural, God made. Eye sight is a sense. It’s the same with our other senses, we need natural for them. Don’t listen to man made. Don’t listen to radios or televisions or any electronic gadgetry. It’s all electronic wizardry. Man made does not help our bodies and heads. Feed natural to our brains and hearts. It’s the same with man made wisdom. Such is unnatural. Unnatural makes our heads and bodies sick. 

If you want to sleep well. Feed your senses natural. Not man made. Not artificial, not unnatural. 
If you want to be regular. Get the shit out. Feed your bodies natural not man made. Eat natural God made food. Fruit, nuts, wheat, barley, fish, animals, birds, vegetables etc; you get the drift. And drink plain water. Drink plain water and plenty of it with your eating of food. We need to make shit and get the shit out of the body. It’s about making good shit and getting rid of it. Don’t eat pretty food. Eat plain food. Drink plain drink. Men are deceived by going after pretty ladies. The Bible says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”. Pretty food is bewitching. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many men have gone to hell (And a hellish marriage) because they chose a partner on skin deep wisdom. The bible says “Get wisdom, get insight”. Insight is to see deep, past the skin, to the heart, to the thoughts. Read the book means reading beyond the cover. Read people. Discern thoughts. 
So man is bombarded with unnatural from birth. It’s no wonder mankind is so constipated now. The bodies sanitation system are clogged up. The shit is not getting out. Sanity comes from sanitation and good sanitation. Sanitation means getting the waste out, getting the shit out. Good sanity is good sanitation. Sanity is sanity of the head, the mind, and the head needs the body waste out to be a sane head/mind. Eat and drink natural to get the waste out. Be sane. To get the shit out We need to make a solution. We need water to make the shit. The solution to get the shit out of the body is water. Plain water. Not man made solution water but plain God made water. The water has to be pure to work properly. Water is the simple solution. 
The solution to everything is simple. The simple truth. God is that simple truth. To have a solution we need first to make a solution. We need water to make a solution. But we need a simple solution to fix the complex problem. Simple is ONE and simple is PURE. We need a one clean pure solution. Water of life. Water gives life and water gives a solution. Water makes a solution. God made water. Simple is plain. Plain is straight. Straight is good. Gods Words are simple, pure, clean, plain, straight, truth. Use Gods Words to make a simple solution. Gods Words are the Spiritual Water Of Life. 
Gods Words are natural. The Holy Scripture is God inspired. Read and think on Holy Scriptures. Feed your human spirit and soul. Feed the heart and head. So we need simple plain water and simple plain food for the sanity of the body and we need simple plain Words of God for the sanity of the head/mind/soul. The heart of the matter is a simple heart that beats at a simple heart rate. Don’t complicate the matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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