INVASION NONSENSE? (British invading Australia)

Is it nonsense?
I mean the Romans invaded Great Britain, the Vikings Invaded Great Britain, and who is William the Conqueror, he conquered so he invaded. 
Great Britain invaded the Americas; Great Britain became Great on the backs of many countries people’s. Great Britain invaded peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific; where did Great Britain not invade? European nations invaded Africa, Asia, Pacific etc. it goes on. Nations only became great and rich on the backs of other people. People enslaved others to get rich. Make other people work for you while you make yourself a rich lord. Empire building only works at the expense of others. Someone has to be the worker. The British Empire was great but it was at the ungreatness of others. In empire building there has to be the ruling CLASS who don’t do the hard work and there’s the working CLASS who do the work. 
CLASS is about the haves and the have nots. We start in the class system soon after birth. We go to school and are put in to classes. We are pigeon holed as children. We are labeled. God is about GRACE. Education classes us. Education labels us. Education grades us according to intelligence. School is about intelligence. God gives each soul a certain amount of ability, call it intelligence. This ability is given by God to suit the calling each person has from God. But man forsakes their God calling to fit his her ability for a calling that pertains to only money and status. God is not complex. Our true God callings are not complex. You look to the simple truth not the complex truth; truth is not complex. The calling one has is simple to do for you. For anyone to do a calling not meant for them is to do a complex calling (a complex calling is not the simple truth). To not work in ones true calling is to work in an another (someone else’s) field of work. If one works in the right field the work is simple. God given gifts are simple. To work complex is confusing and stressful. 
Education has its place. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is seemingly well engrained in to mankind that God must have used this knowledge for mans vocations. Knowledge is of God. God made the tree of knowledge. God also made the tree of wisdom. Wisdom does not have to mean the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom is practical. Wisdom is doing. Proverbs are practical. Pro verb means verbs that are doing. Verbs are doing words. Proverbs are wise. 
I think knowledge will be used to kill off a lot of life eventually. But knowledge also does good. 
Man has used knowledge to set up systems of weapons that can be fired at the press of their fingers on machines and can kill off most of mankind maybe in a matter of minutes. A few people have the power to kill of most of life in a few minutes, give or take 5 minutes. This is fact, and knowledge has made this possible. The world can be extinguished in just minutes. Man has that power now. 
God obviously uses knowledge for mans callings. Man forsake simplicity in the garden of Eden for a complex world full of weeds (weeds: physical and spiritual). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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