Noise pollution, it’s real and serious. I am in a shopping mall. Noise noise and more noise. Children screaming, adults gossiping, etc. It seems like when people speak these people’s human spirits go out to others. The human spirit, dirty or clean, reaches out to others. You either get dirt or clean over oneself. It’s like everyone wants to be in your face – look at me, look look look. The dirt is sin. People trying to smother you in their sins. I hate sin. I want clean. No one listens; they do not care, they do not understand. I go to the bathroom; oh please, please please the music, music even blaring in the bathroom. I need help. I want silence. I can not hear myself think. I need to reflect. I love reflection. 

I can not reflect with noise, please get out of my face. I am a living head. My brain is very much alive. I have senses. I don’t want my senses smothered with sin. If you make noise make noise pleasant to the heavenlies. My best thoughts come in silence. I hear God in mans silence. Why does man have to speak all the time? Why was man given speech? In the beginning was man only able to commune in thought to one another? Was speech a no no in the beginning? I don’t know I am just speculating with all this. Was the Adam’s Apple over the voice box a result of sin and did it evolve in to vocal chords? I don’t know but I am thinking about it. Could man commune in the beginning and was this communion with God and with man. Communing in thoughts is maybe the original communication. I am just speculating. I like communion. You can commune with God and with others in the one universal body of Christ. We are all connected up in this one universal body by words. So when man speaks his spirit goes out with his words. It’s a human spirit either dirty (sinful) or clean. I just want silence, to think and reflect, to hear thoughts. I hear God in silence, mans silence. I hear God in natural not unnatural. The wind blowing, the stream flowing, the birds tweeting, the insects chirping, the sheep baaing, the cows mooing, the horses neighing, I perceive God in these natural ways. Man is unnatural. Man speaks in sin. Creation has birthed sinful man. Sinful from birth. The animals and birds, fish and insects are better to be with than to be with man. People prefer to be with their pet animals than to be with other human beings. “Mans best friend is his dog” as the saying goes. In this shopping mall I see how people can go insane. Noise pollution can make a person go insane. Sanity comes to the old aged people when they go deaf and do not use hearing aids. What was that? Sorry I can not hear, I am going deaf. What? What? Oh nothing it was not important. I know it was not important, that’s why I don’t mind not hearing. Man seldom has any thing of importance to speak about. Man just wants to speak about him/her self. I am not mindless, I have a mind, a soul, please speak wisely and measured with thought.
“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. We know this saying from our child youth. But it’s far from the truth. Words are a killer. Words can heal. So man got the power of speech but why? Man was given the words by God but was original communication in thought communion. Who knows? But it’s worth considering but this idea might turn out to be a dead end. I don’t profess to know. I do think. Answers come in time. 
When I was younger my sanity refuge used to be in Catholic Monasteries. Even in New Zealand I had my refuge. A monastery between Palmerston North and Napier. I was really only allowed to be my true self at these Monasteries. Women for a start were not bombarding my mind with relentless desires. Monasteries are not ruled by women. Men rule here. Men in constant prayer. Women do not control men in monasteries. Here men feel free. We need women but we need to have the right wisdom of thought between a woman and a man. The Bible explicitly sets out the correct wisdom between a husband and his wife. The man loves his wife as Jesus loves the church and the woman submits to the husband as the church submits to Jesus. Jesus is the head of the church, the living body. The husband is the head of his wife. Now a days, even amongst the church, husbands and wives have defiled the natural wisdom of God for unnatural pervertedness. The wife controls the husband and the husband submits to the wife. The wife acts as the head of the husband. Perverted. The husband should lead not the wife. A lot of families are now perverted. In the past the wisdom of Christ was accepted more and this made for a more simple union. To live simply is to live less stressful. Now the body is getting stressed out by wrong unions, unions brought together by lust not God love. 
I did frequent a monastery in Western Australia for many many years. Then things changed there. The monastery accepted women in to its environs. Lay women though not full religious were allowed more communion in this community of monks. This female element makes the full headship of the male community mind less headship of Christ wisdom. I used to feel so spiritually invigorated at this community as a guest staying at the guest house, but many years later the change came. Now I do not frequent this monastery at all. 
The headship needs to be male. Women should not have or control the headship. Jesus Christ is a male not a female. Jesus Christ is the head of the body, the living church. Our bodies have the mind of Jesus Christ. The wife honours her husband’s head. The husband has the mind of Christ. The women do not have the mind of Christ. The women look to Mother Mary as their example of how to be a wife and mother. Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus is not in the God Head. The God Head is all male. The Father God is male; the God Son Jesus Christ is male; the God Holy Spirit is male.  
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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