What is the ideal son? To be like his father. The son becomes like his father. The father is the example for the son to follow. The son sees true authority in his father. The father has the authority over his son. The son becomes like his father and the son on coming of age in wisdom takes on the same authority as the father. The father and son are equal and the same. 

The son does not become like the mother. The daughter can become like the mother. The father gives the physical seed and later the son when coming of maturity he also gives the physical seed. Seed only comes from the male, that is obvious. The female does not give the seed, that is obvious. The giving of seed given in the physical also has its metaphorical understanding. God the Father and His Son God the Son also give seed but in the Spiritual. The Father and Son sow seeds in WORDS. GOD is in WORDS. The Kingdom of God is made up of WORDS. What I have explained about the father and son may apply to the mother and daughter in the physical and spiritual. The daughter obviously does not become a father/Father. But we must remember that the seed to make the daughter comes from the father/Father. We have a spiritual Father and a spiritual Son. God is our spiritual Father. We leave our physical parents in one sense but in another sense we do not. God becomes our Father. And the Father God has a Son. The same relationship applies to the God Father and His God Son as it applies in the earthly father and his earthly son. The God Father has a Son who becomes like the Father. But we can go further we can say the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father. Jesus on the cross crucified had the Father God in Him. 
The spiritual analogy of father and son is both physical and spiritual. And we need to explain these two types of relationship in metaphor to give understanding to the God Father and God Son relationship. The explanation of father and son relationship in the earthly way points the way to explain the Father and Son in the spiritual. We must see with our spiritual eyes. Gods understanding is in Spirit. Gods understanding is to see beyond the physical; meta meaning beyond. 
The father and son earthly and spiritual have each their equality and the sameness. 
Why do people in the flesh not see the connection between father and son? Sin. The son must love his father – earthly father and Spiritual Father. To disconnect from ones earthly father is to disconnect from ones Spiritual Father. In both earthy and Spiritual the father/Father is honoured more than the son/Son. 
Do you love your father? Do you want your own son to grow up like you? If there is a non connection between you and your father then most probably there will be a non connection between you and your son. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 


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