​I don’t know why women don’t protest more publicly against discrimination of their gender.
I mean from the year dot it’s like women are treated as soulless and just to be used by men to satisfy their lust. Lust is not love. To lust for something does not mean you are in love with it. No wonder a lot of marriages break down. After the honeymoon stage or in many cases what we can call the lust stage there is no union. Men rape women in lust. Husbands rape their wives because there is no real love between them. Rape is considered normal. Parents rape, children rape. 
But maybe many can not think otherwise. The Devil has most people in a spell. The Devils women keep people in a semi dream. Males are dethroned of their headship in Christ. Women rule men to the men’s detriment. Males are not the head of their household, women are. The wife rules the husband. 
From our conception we are taught that money is the God, that “money makes the world go around” and that sex is our goal. We serve money and sex. The spell over people’s minds is money and sex. People live in a day dream. 
The God Head is male. Father and Son God. So I guess this means the Holy Spirit is male too. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the God Head, ALL MALE. But is the God Head truly all male? Women have a head, they have a brain. Why are not women in the God Head? Is this male discrimination? Is the woman really in the God Head? Hey if I look at a woman I see a head. Women are not just bodies, they have a head. God is male and female so why is not the female in the head. So do we see women as headless, mindless, soulless? Are women just bodies for males to satisfy their sexual desires? Is RELIGION culpable for how males treat females with objective lust. Men are supposed to see women just as a body and not a head. Women have a head and a brain, there’s no two ways about it. And God is both male and female. Religion can be bigoted. The Catholic Church has tried to be unbiased to women by promoting the adoration of Jesus’ Mother Mary. But the Catholic Church won’t ordain women as priests. I respect that males are the headship over females and this is in accordance with the WISDOM of Christ. So Jesus WISDOM may look like it discriminates the females but in fact it is not doing this it is in fact trying to keep the body of Christ sane. We have two sexes; God wants order here; someone has to rule. You can not have two leaders, one must lead over the other. 
So males have lost their mind of God for heathen Godless minds so the males love females in degenerate love, which is lust. Females do not submit to the headship of males but try and rule the males minds so there is degenerate lust from the females. 
The female might in fact be in the God Head but even if she is the WISDOM of Christ stands. We must have order in the body. The mind can not have two minds vying for control over the body. We know the Son of God Jesus Christ is a male. We must respect the Father Gods wishes and let the mind of Christ rule the body of Christ. The world and those outside the body rule as they like but we in the body of Christ uphold the WISDOM of Christ. We love and adore Christ, He is Gods only begotten Son. We follow a male God. 
 Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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