Your Lordship you always look sad.
I am sad.

But you always look sad.

I know. My father and his father were the same.

Sire can I help?

What can you do?

Tell me what ails your mind and I may be able to help.

Yes my mind is troubled but what can you do? You are my Prime Minister what do you know about things of the mind?

I know lets ask for qualified people to help you.

What people?

People who have studied the mind and know it’s workings.

Ok it’s worth a try. Send out riders over all my kingdom asking qualified people to attend to me. 

Sure I will get on to it right away, this time in 2 days time you will be helped out of your sadness.

(2 days later)

Sire we have a number of qualified people here now at the Palace to help you.

Ok then man get on with it.

Calling Mr Scott. 

Calling Mr Scott.

Calling Mr Scott.

Look Prime Minister you just go down the hallway and get him. None of this calling out from one person to another.

Ah Mr Scott.

Sire Mr Scott is very qualified. He has a PH.D., MA., BA.

(The King looks bored)

Ok don’t make me more sadder.

Sire what seems to be troubling you?

You tell me you are the qualified one.

But sire I can not read your mind.

If you can not read my mind how then do you read books?

Sire is making fun of me.

I need someone that understands me.

Sire I am an expert in helping people with troubled minds.

Begin then expert expert my mind out of trouble.

Tell me about your mother and father.

What about them?

Were you closer to one than the other?

Where is this going?

Sire Sigmund Freud our esteemed teacher in this area pointed out that all our mind problems go back to sex.

What has my mother and father got to do with sex?

Sire Freud said in an about fashion that it all comes down to one big cock up.

Get out of here. How dare you disrespect my parents in front of me. Out!! Out!!

Sire as you know I am very qualified and I do not work for free. I charge $200 just to visit and another $300 for my work.

Get out man, you are a disappointment to your profession. Prime Minister pay the man and kick him out.

Sire we next have a very very qualified person.

Ok who is he? 

Sire it’s not a man.

You mean it’s a woman.

Yes sire.

Ok bring it on.

Mrs Rivers has a PH.D., MA, BA, DPS, DYT, CERT FRY.

(The King yawns)

Mrs Rivers can you help me.

Sire I can help. But first I have to be paid.


Sire my money.

But you have not even started.

I have a strict policy, money before the service.

You think I won’t pay, I am the King. What are your rates?

$300 for just coming here and $400 for the service.

That’s steep.

Sire I can heal you. 

Do you guarantee a healing?

My services are very reputable.

Ok get on with it. Prime Minister pay the woman.

Now sire relax. I have some medication to give you. This will take only a few minutes to work. 

(Few minutes later)

It’s not working I still feel sad.

Sire you must relax.

I am relaxing, I am the one sitting down in a cushy big chair.

Sire the medication is well proved.

It’s not working.

Sire relax.

Oh get out! Prime Minister get this snake oil saleswoman out of here. 

Guards take her out of the Palace.

But but I am a qualified person. Stop it!! Take your hands of me!! 

Whose next Prime Minister? 

A Mr Wallace.

Ok get him.

In the mean time send me my potty, I need to relieve myself. All this is giving me the trots. 

Call the Potty Man!

Calling the Potty Man!

That’s you Lester.

But I have never attended the King yet.

Always a first time.

I am too nervous.

But you are qualified. Your resume says you cleaned the toilets at a Bible College. 

Yes I did but that is not the same as attending to a Kings toilet. 

Go out there that is an order.

Calling the Potty Man!

Sorry sire for keeping you waiting. 

Come on man put the potty down, I can not be all day. That’s better.

Sire looks sad.

You who do you think you are talking to the King like that?

Oh Prime Minister leave the man alone.

But sire he’s only a Potty Man.

And you are only a Prime Minister. The difference between you two is only a few words of command from me. 

Sire is finished.

No not yet. Where’s Mr Wallace?

Sire we can not find him. 

Why is he not here?

Sire the unofficial reason is he is on holidays with his mistress. The official reason is he is sick.

Sire you look sad.

What is your name? You are the only one today who actually is trying to help me. 

Lester sire.

Lester we need more like you. This potty is great. 

Sire you look sad.

Lester I am sad.

I can help.

Thanks for offering Lester but I have had very qualified people trying to help me.

Sire can I share with you.

Sure go ahead.

Sire he’s a Potty Man.

Shut up Prime Minister. I am starting to think you would be better as a Potty Man.

Sorry sire.

Lester go on.

Some times we need plain water to wash us out. Drink much plain water. 

Bring me some water. Make it plain.

Drink up sire.

Is this all?


Sire you are a ruler of a big kingdom.


You rule but you do not rule.

Uuuur. I rule and do not rule. That does not make sense.

Let me make it sense. You rule but you do not rule. A King can rule a kingdom but in name only. The true ruler of the kingdom is the one who rules the Kings heart. You sire are not the ruler of your heart. 

Who rules my heart?

The King knows who rules his heart.

The King starts to sob. Yes Lester I knew all along why I was sad. I sit here in the Palace of this kingdom on the Royal Throne and I am not the true ruler. 

Sire don’t listen to a Potty Man. Get out Potty Man. Guards take the Potty Man and put him in jail. 

Stop guards!!!

But sire he is the lowest of the low.

Prime Minister I think you have been in the job too long. You need a break. I Order you to pack up your belongings and leave this kingdom for the Asian colonies. A time in different weather might suit you better. You can take up your duties as soon as possible. 

Sire what will be my position in the colonies?

What are the vacancies there?

Farmers only sire.

Well a farmer you can be.

But sire I don’t work with my hands. I am of noble birth.

Go I have no need of you here.

Sire!! sire!!

Guards take this man away from me.

Sire take some more water.

Water give me water.

Sire water and plenty of it can make you regular. Now to wash your mind.

Mind? Wash?

Yes sire water cleanses the physical body but you need a spiritual washing. 


Yes but not a dirty spirit washing you you need a clean Spirit cleansing you.


The Holy Spirit.

Who gives this Holy Spirit?

The Supreme Father God or His Son.

Who is God’s Son?

Jesus Christ sire.

Jesus Christ please give me your Spirit.

Sire knows who rules his heart.

I know Lester. My wife the Queen rules my heart. 

Sire needs to protect his heart. The heart directs the mind. Who ever controls the heart controls the mind/soul.

My kingdom is not mine.

Sire this kingdom is ruled by your wife. 

How do I protect my heart?

Give your heart to Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins. The Holy Spirit will come into a true repentant heart. 

Jesus Christ I repent of all my sins.

Sire now over time God will heal your heart and soon the kingdom will return to you. The mind of Jesus will come on you. You will be a new person with Christ’s thinking. You have another chance at life. You don’t give your heart to a woman. You give your heart to Jesus Christ. Jesus will then control your mind/soul. You are free in Jesus. You were bound up in your heart with your wife. Stay married to the Queen and God will change her too. Both your thinking changes. 

Ohhh my bowels are getting cleaned out. Ohhh that’s good. 

The simple washing of the simple Words of God make a cleansed mind/soul. We wash both physically and mentally. But we need clean water to wash in not dirty water. There is so much unclean water around and there are plenty of dirty spirits around. Go for the clean. Holy means truth. Holy is pure and clean. We need to live lives of holiness. Holy living is wise and sane living.

Ohhhh golly that’s good. Just listening to you I feel cleansed. Ohh this potty is full. Get another potty.

I won’t be long sire.

Not you Lester.

But I am the Potty Man.

Guard what vacancies do we have at the Palace?

Sire there is only the one vacancy.

Guard what is the vacancy?

Prime Minister sire.

Lester you are the new Prime Minister.

But sire I am not qualified. 

Nor was that no hoper we had before. Noble birth? He was the son of a pirate who made millions ransacking ships. Oh yer he was rich but a rich pirate. 

Lester I command you to be my Prime Minister.

At your service sire.

You have a wife?

Sire we are both in the Lord God. 

Fantastic you start today. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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