I’m in a Catholic Church/Chapel. I am thinking. The Catholics worship Jesus Christ as bread and wine. They think that they eat and drink Jesus Christ. Yes we eat and drink Jesus but in Words. How can a man who calls himself a priest make bread and wine into Jesus? Oh it’s a miracle they might say. Jesus walked on water they say that’s a miracle. Jesus turned water in to wine that is a miracle. 

But Jesus was also about metaphorical teaching. Miracles no doubt can be real. I have no doubt in the miracles of the Bible. But Jesus was teaching our human spirit. Jesus taught in metaphors, he was trying to show people the spiritual side. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical. Jesus washed the disciples feet but that does not mean we go around washing people’s feet. We can wash other’s feet but as a symbol of metaphor teaching. Teach our spirit. Jesus taught us that we were washed whole by Gods Words in baptism but in life we still get a bit dirty. I mean spiritual dirtiness. We need to still wash in spirit in mind/soul but not a whole washing, we don’t need a spiritual bath but we need a slight cleaning. We wash each other in heart and soul/mind. So don’t go always around washing people’s feet saying Jesus washed feet we wash yours. People will get offended. Also the Bible says that Christians can step on serpents and drink poison. Another metaphorical teaching. The snake is a real spiritual diety. Poison is what the spiritual snakes give. So don’t go around walking on snakes and don’t drink poisons. If you do you will die. Jesus gave bread and wine to the disciples to eat and drink but we do not live just off bread and wine. We eat the food of Jesus and drink the blood of Jesus metaphorically. Jesus does not become a piece of bread. Jesus is not wine. A simpleton can even see that. Man can not make Jesus in to bread and wine. Man interprets the Bible physically a lot of times when Jesus is trying to teach spirit, not flesh. We consume Words. God is Words. We stand on our words. We think so we are. We think in Words. The invisible is in Words. We listen to words. Words make a person or unmake a person. 
The Catholic Church is really in many ways in to the worship of Mary mother of Jesus. Catholics also worship Jesus. Mary is maybe the churches mother so maybe the Catholic Church is the Mother Church. Just because Catholics have interpreted some of the holy scripture in physical terms instead of in spiritual terms I think the Catholic Church can still maintain they are the Mother Church. Purgatory is another man made invention. Not one holy scripture mentions purgatory. And who of the Catholic Church in the days of the Beast will take the Beasts Mark? Taking the Mark means eternal damnation to the soul. Many Catholics may take the Mark. Who really goes to heaven? The whole Vatican may take the Beasts Mark. Who knows? I don’t. But there are Catholics and there are Catholics. I have spoken to Catholics and they say to me you are Christian we are Catholics. Like, what? So you Catholics are not Christian. Christian means Christ in. God within, Emanuel. Christ is in a lot of people. But is Christ in all? I don’t think so. There is for instance the church of Satan, this is the serpents/snakes in human bodies. I have seen these snakes, I have seen in spirit. 
I know that I have not always had Christ in me. It was only about when I turned 24 years of age that God made me part of His family and body. I came in to the light. Ever since then my body has being giving up the darkness and light has come in. As I age more darkness goes, more light comes in. I am one of the enlightened ones. My human father told me he was enlightened. My spirit becomes wiser and wiser. My human fathers spirit was wise. My enemies are put at my feet. My enemies are Gods enemies. 
When the Mark of the Beast comes; the Vatican might (surprise me and) stay neutral of the Mark. The Vatican stayed neutral during Hitler’s reign. (There were no swastikas on the walls of the Vatican). The Roman Catholic Church the Mother (Mary) Church. Every woman should try and emulate Mary, Jesus Mother.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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