​GUN(G) HO (A True Story)

I got a phone call. “Come on down, we are staying at my brothers place. My brother and his wife are away on holidays, we can give you a lift to your work”. It was morning, the day was quite pleasant, it was sunny and no rain. Bob (not his real name) and Zoe (not her real name) were friends of mine. I had been Bob’s best man at his wedding. Bob and I became friends for two reasons; we both were struggling with mental problems and we both were committed Christians. I mixed with both Christians and the mentally ill and a mixture of both. 

I had known Bob and Zoe for a number of years by now. Bob and Zoe were procreating like rabbits, they had near on 4 children (I can not remember the exact number) now and this is when they were only still in their 30’s. Bob like me had trouble holding down a job. I lived with my parents just up the street from Bobs brothers home. “Bob I will see you in a few minutes”. I arrived at Bobs brothers house. I entered to a mayhem of children making noise and ruckus. But it did not annoy me, it was children being children. “Be ready soon, kids go out to the car”. I knew the car was parked on the street verge on the other side of the street. Instinct made be to rush out with the children to watch them crossing the street. I was thinking about the children’s safety. I got outside and was on the gravel driveway. Then bang. I fell to the ground. But I was not hurt. A man was holding me with his arm around my head in a head hold and he was pointing a real gun at my head. I took all this in my stride. This man shouted “Mr Poppernil” (no real name here). I knew he meant Pippernelli (not Bobs real surname). I shouted “I am Lester Murray”. The hold on me was released. I was picked up from the ground. Another man came up introduced himself and led me to his car. I knew then they were police (probably detectives I don’t remember them wearing uniforms). This man now with me was a high ranking policeman. I noticed how young he was for a high ranking officer. We both sat in his car and he deeply apologised. I noticed that from the time I was pushed to the ground I felt and was aware of my complete sanity to all the proceedings. I was not anxious, I was not afraid, I was quite alert and ok. I knew that a Spirit in me had manifested to help me through this time. This gift Spirit in me gave me sanity. Thank you God. This ranking policeman asked me where I was going. I said to Porirua. I worked there for the intellectually handicapped, I was a community worker, and the place was just near the police station. Now back a bit to when I was pushed to the ground. When I was walking away to the car I heard Zoe screaming out “Put the guns away, the children, the children”. She sounded very alarmed and distressed. I felt sympathy for her. I heard nothing else from Zoe or Bob. I was driven to my work and dropped off. The ranking officer was very respectful of me and treated me well. I never heard back from these police in question. I did Google this ranking officer and saw he was a rising star in the police service. I could see he was a decent man. Just after I was pushed to the ground I thought “You could have have at least got the name of Bobs surname right, I mean to put a loaded gun at a man’s head, you should have the name of the man correct, you are the police, you don’t plan an operation like this without first having the real correct name”. I was not ruffled too much about all this. I was apologised to and soon got over it. I think my helper Spirit took all the bad and got me through it. It is like I have a wisdom Spirit. The ranking officer explained to me that they had been contacted by a church priest who told them that Bob had threatened to kill all his family. I knew straight away how priests can get it wrong. But priests may have no other recourse but to report to the police. So much for all the sex abuse crimes of priests that were not reported to the police. Priests can be sanctimonious and I thought of this in relation to this priest in question. I had known Bob for a few years now and thought Bob loved his family too much to want to kill them. Bob and I now did not keep in touch. Bob however did phone me once more to ask me to be a character reference for him to get a Government housing home. I bowed out not giving a reference and that was the end of our contacts. 
Many years later I emigrated to Perth Australia. After a few years here I was wanting answers about the police gun pointed at my head. I wrote to the was it the NZ Minister of Police or was it the NZ Police Commissioner, I can not remember which. I wanted to know if the gun in mention was loaded. I just wanted peace of mind here. Loaded or not it could not change things but it’s good having the truth. I soon enough got a letter in return. I was informed in an around about way that the gun would have been loaded but they did not definitely say it was loaded or it was not loaded; it seemed to me they were saying the gun was in operational mode; not that they used any of these terms. I felt a bit cheated in their reply because they were not wanting to tell me the exact truth in simple terms. So I gathered the gun was loaded. It was like we are the police we are in charge we say what we like you are just a civilian nobody. Official language can try and hide real truth at times. Simple truth straightforward is what we want. So the police did not want to say out right that the gun was loaded. They did not say it was not loaded either. So I am of the impression I had a loaded gun pointed at my head by a NZ policeman. Wow not many people can say that. A few millimetres of gap for a finger and I would have been kaput (maybe the safety catch was on). All because I was falsely recognised. 
When I was pushed to the ground and once I shouted my name I knew that it was ok for me. Instinctively the policeman released me. I was being helped by a higher power. I have a gift. The policeman knew he had the wrong person. I was straightaway released in to the charge of the higher ranking officer. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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