How long have you been depressed?
About a week.

I can refer you to a specialist.

Yes please but what do they specialise in?

It depends on you. There are two types of specialist in this area. 

I don’t follow.

See in the past religion was a mainstay of a lot of thinking. Religious thought meant believing in a higher power what we call God. Religion now is on the out. The fabric of society is being now made to accept any type of belief. Most nations grew up with their own each unique religion. The Western nations have their Christian religion. Other nations have their religions. The East have their god deities. Now in the West paganism has creeped in to our main fabric of society. It is popular to believe in bizarre beliefs like Jedi and humanism. Man wants to be his own God. Man wants to rule his own destiny. Who wants to obey a God above that you can not see. Humanism has creeped in to main stay thinking world wide and it is thought of as being clever to have no belief in a supreme God. Actually humanism supports science. Science is the new God. Trust science not a God you can not see. Learn science not learn from God. The bible is a simple book. Only simple people read a bible full of myths and tales. To be scientific is to be clever. Science has truth. Jesus is a real person and taught good sense but you don’t want to read about him much because he never taught science. Science is king. 

But Doctor what is this all to do with my going to a specialist?

The type of specialist you need to go to is one who specialises in either the brain or the soul. 

I don’t get it.

You will. See soul is a religious word. Soul is to do with the supreme God. Soul is to do with salvation. You know ‘convert the soul’. Soul goes on for eternity. Soul is right from the pages of the bible. Soul is a western thought word. In the past, and still is, specialists of the soul were/are called psychiatrists. Psyche means soul. Doctor healing the soul. Psychologists are also of the psyche the soul. Psychologists study the soul, they are not doctors to heal the soul they merely do study of the soul and can help by say analysing the soul. 

But how can doctors heal the soul?

Shock treatment, lobotomies, drugs. They mostly use drugs. It’s mainly about trying to rectify the chemical imbalance in the brain.

So why are specialists of the soul called psyche doctors when these doctors are in to treatments dealing with the physical brain and not the soul?

Soul was thought of as in the head. It still is thought that in many circles. Religion still believes in soul. But many doctors, specialists, medical people are not religious now. Most of these specialist people now do not believe in a supreme God or a soul. These people rely heavily on science. Science is their God. These specialists look to science to answer all their problems. Trusting a God that you can not see is looked at as being foolish. 

Doctor I believe in a supreme God.

In that case I can refer you to a soul specialist doctor.

What was the other doctor?

That would be a brain doctor. The word psyche for the medical side has been abused. Brain doctors using the word psyche soul are not telling the truth. Brain doctors who rely on only science should not use the word soul in their job title. Actually in this case the soul job title is misleading because brain doctors are only about the visible not the invisible. Soul doctors on the other hand have every right to use psyche in their title because they believe in an invisible supreme God. 

Doctor I trust God.

So do I. But science has taken over from God above. Medicine now is not about God. But there are still a few of us Doctor God believers. You have to search for us. 

How will my depression get treated?

The soul doctor first can pray. The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. The soul doctor is limited by what he can do because the world is ruled by Godless authorities and this doctor is ruled by these worldly rulers. The world and Gods kingdom are two different things. Doctors work for money and therefore these doctors are keyed in to the grid of the world’s networks. Take the mark of the beast. This mark will definitely tie you in to a grid. The grid is where the beast controls you. The beast might even know your heart beat. The beast through this mark might even be able to kill you. Gods kingdom on the other hand is within. Gods kingdom is not of this world. So soul doctors to appease the spiritual rulers of this world also use science treatments. But soul doctors still recognise soul and may try to counsel you. Counselling is not forbidden fruit to the rulers. Brain doctors might just go straight to a physical treatment. Medication and lots of it. 

Doctor should I go to a priest to help me?

Yes you can of course. But the governing rulers would prefer you take say medication. Science does work. God created science. The tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden was made by God. Knowledge comes from God. God simply said “do not to eat of this knowledge tree. Eat of the wisdom tree”. Wisdom and knowledge can be two different things. Wisdom is about behaviour. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. Jesus Christ is not all knowledge of good and evil. Jesus never taught science. The bible is in no way a science book. The bible is not taught at universities or colleges or schools. Some religious schools might have a bit taught from the bible. What main stream university teaches the bible? Universities do teach theology but such courses are not reading and studying the bible as the Word of God. Such study is very intellectual and not Spiritual at all. Bible colleges do teach from the bible as the Word of God but the colleges also have to fall in to line behind the rulers of this world. To get money any educational institution has to fall in to line behind the spiritual rulers of this world. Schools and colleges and universities need money. Money makes the world go around to most people and money makes education go around. So many schools, colleges, universities etc are on the world grid and this grid in the future will be the mark of the beast. The beast will control the world. 

Doctor I need money. 

We all do.

Science does good or bad. I will take my chances and hope I get the good. Medication does good or bad. My employer won’t employ me if I don’t have a notice saying that I have been checked by a specialist. My employer is a humanist. I had better take the medication. I need the money from my salary. Medication has helped many many people. I will take my chances and go with science.

I understand. Yes medication does help. I will refer you to a brain doctor. If you change your mind later on down the track I can also refer you to a soul doctor. Soul doctors are not respected much now a days and their treatment is frowned upon by the governing authorities. I do understand. 

That sounds good. I do have a faith in God but I respect science. I need to support my family. 

Here we are take this referral to doctor Smith.

Thank you doctor, bye.


The doctor thinks: “Many people obviously will take the mark of the beast. I mean what will the neighbours say. I have a wife and 3 children to support. I need the money. I am not a religious fanatic. I am sensible. It comes down to who will not take the mark of the beast? Will this mark be forced on people. Money is not forced on people. Bank cards are not forced on people. The internet is not forced on people. So who will the simple living people be who don’t take the mark? The mark maybe phased in over a number of generations. It won’t be sudden. I know even now of some old people who still use a bank savings book. Of course in time such books will be phased out all together but it shows you that the mark may take many years to phase in. I hope I won’t have to make the decision to take the mark, by that time I hope I am buried and gone from this world. To take or not to take the mark makes for grave consequences but I know that God says for Christians not to take the mark”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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