I think that the expansion of the universe is slowing down. I think at the beginning there was a big bang. At first the expansion was fast say at the speed of light. God is light and can travel at the speed of light. There is no faster speed than what light travels. 

But the universe is energy. Energy was first. Energy made the matter. Atoms are vibrating energy. God used energy from say water to make the universe. Energy can come say from hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most powerful energy in the universe. Energy slows down. Energy dies out. The universe will die out. But God is eternal. God’s saved will live for eternity. God’s love is constant. Energy can not be constant. The universe will slow down in expansion more and more until it stops expanding and then what – a scroll when rolled out rolls back up again.The universe might at the end of its energy just implode. Like red dwarf stars. Stars that die implode. Stars die out why should the universe not die out. Water at the beginning just had so much energy (hydrogen). There was intelligence at the beginning. God was that intelligence. God’s Spirit hovered over the ocean of deep waters and sparked off the big bang.

The invisible made the visible.
Is the speed of light constant? I think that the energy that makes the light is not constant. Life tires out it loses energy. Humans lose energy. God made the universe and rested. God tired out. God rests and restores his energy. Humans sleep and restore their energy. Light can be constant but the energy behind it is not constant. The distance that light travels can vary according to how much energy it has. Light is constant but the distance it travels varies. 
I am sorry but this is hyperbole. Light being constant is the hyperbole. Light must get dimmer as the energy runs down. So how can light be constant, it can not be. When God loses energy He travels slower. 
My minds thoughts are dragging out here. About light being constant. My mind now says there has to be a constant in this universe. God is light. Light is that constant. But how can light be constant when energy diminishes. This is a mystery. I don’t know if light is constant or not. But I think we need a constant. 
God rested after creating the universe. But what if the universe eventually dies out; does God create another universe. It certainly could be on the cards. God rests gets his energy back and creates again. But did the energy not come from water, where will the next lot of water come from? 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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