Student (male) sent home for too short haircut

For the information of this college I had a number 2 haircut recently. I love my short haircuts. I usually have a number 2 and a half but now I like getting a number 2. Males I think should have short hair and females can have longer hair. 

It is to the glory of God that a male has short hair. The female glories in the males head if she has long hair. The head is so very important, more important than the body. The head is in charge not the body and the Wisdom of God says the males head is in charge over the females head. That is the wisdom from above. When males put the body before the head and glory in their bodies they are glorying in the female, such is really weak and false. You get body builders who try to bypass their heads. You can not outwit your head. The body is not in charge. The head has the WORDS. The head rules through Words. Words rule not flesh. Words are eternal. The flesh is mortal and dies whereas Words can go on for ever. Gods Words go on for ever. Spirit feeds the mind in the head; the mind the soul. The soul needs Words and feeding the soul Gods Words is like feeding one sweet honey. Those people who glory the body glory the flesh and not the Words. Words bring life. Gods Words. God is the Words. Words bring light and life. The source of life comes from Gods Words. We think in Words. 
I love my short hair cuts I have no shame in my head. I am my head. I think and use the senses in the head. My head is in charge. I don’t cover my head. My head is there for all to see. God is in my head. 
I cover my body. My body is to glorify my head. My body is not to glory in it. My body is covered up to give glory to my head. The female covers up both body and head. The females long hair is her cover on her head. 
To glory my body is for me to glory the female. But the female is not in charge of my body. To glory the body for me is for me to follow the female. That is wrong. The female looks to the male to take the lead. 
Perversion is to turn away from; to turn away from letting the head rule to letting the body rule. Perversion is big in this world now. Bodies rule and females rule over males. Male children are led to believe that the mother is in charge not the father. Males get perverted in childhood. The father should take the lead in the family. The mother is the earth where she makes a home. Mother Earth. The earth is where the children put their roots down. The father sky is where the children grow up to. The father light. 
Both father and mother are needed. But don’t let children get the wisdom wrong. Roots go down but you grow upwards. Don’t grow upwards to your mother and don’t put your roots in to your father. We can have upside down wisdom, such is perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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