Fish – good brain food

I am in a church. A traditional one at that. Right in the city. At times I think of this picture of what I have taken, this photo of the Altar/Communion table. I have wondered about this table a few times as I have come in to this church on a number of occasions. 
If you look at the photo you will see a picture of the symbol of fish. At each end of the fish you will see other symbols, at one end the Alpha symbol meaning beginning and at the other end the Omega symbol meaning the end.
So there is this fish between the beginning and the end; this makes me think. 
I mean life comes from water. “The water of life”. Life began in water. Life needs water to live. And life began simple. Life began one. So in the beginning was there a vast ocean of water? I don’t know. But it’s worth considering. And why is water made up of hydrogen and oxygen? Hydrogen the energy of energies. Hydrogen can burn, maybe burn with the help of oxygen. Just trigger a chain reaction for the hydrogen to burn. The big bang maybe. The explosion that caused the universe to come in to being. 
So we have this vast ocean of water. What (if anything) lived in this water? Fish? Snakes? Do humans come from fish? Snakes are the devils. Was Jesus Christ a fish in the beginning? Are Gods people down the line a result of evolution? It makes sense that life came from water. It makes sense that life started simple. And fish are good at living in water, we know that. 
I am very sceptical that the universe was created in say 4 thousand years. For one thing God’s time and our time are so much different. One day to God is like a thousand of our years. And for carbon to turn in to diamond would take thousands or maybe millions of years. Carbon in the form of plants and creatures dies. Plants and flesh are made of carbon. This carbon leaches in to the ground and over many thousands and millions of years makes coal, oil, and diamond. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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