DEPRESSION can be feelings turned inwards

We feel when we have an emotion. There are many types of feelings. There’s jealousy, love, sadness, hate, dislike, anger, envy, etc.

So what happens if we turn love inwards. Say if we fall in love with another person. Say if a man has deep feelings for a woman. If the man in this case does not express his feelings for the woman will he turn those feelings inwards. Express becomes suppress. And if the man internalises his feelings for the woman will he get depression? Anger is not the only feeling that if turned inwards can cause depression. Any feeling turned inwards can cause depression. In depression we blame ourselves for the feelings, we make out that the feelings are wrong. The world and its human rules at times says we can not express our feelings, I mean some feelings are taboo talk. So the man who falls in love had better express his love outwards or he might get depressed. Depression eats at you. Depression may turn to hating oneself. Internalising feelings can also be caused by people not having the courage to express outwardly their feelings. Tell the woman that you have feelings for her. Express in words your love. But anger is something else, you don’t in a civilised society go around expressing your anger, I mean who do you think you are, we are nice people, we don’t get angry. Poppy cock, people get angry. Get angry but don’t let your anger go to bed with you at night. Let your steam off in a dignified way. But afterwards forgive. Forgive people their faults against you. You can be wise in your behaviour by letting your steam off gradually over time so as to not go off the handle in one big angry demonstration. People will admit their faults to you and say sorry. 
Depress, suppress, oppress, repress, express.
To depress a button we push it down. So in depressing feelings we push them down not let them go up. We are the ones who depress the feeling. To depress is to trigger. We trigger depression by pushing down inwards.
Extroverts are seldom depressed. Extroverts express. Introverts suppress. Introverts need to learn to express their feelings. But the expression for all people needs to be to the relevant persons who the feelings are about. We must connect up with the relevant parties or the feeling is not channeled properly and does not have success. The feeling needs to go to the right person. If we share our feelings to other people and not to the desired party we are not going to satisfy, we just get frustrated. If say you have anger or love for a particular person you must connect up to that person not others. 
Repressing can be ok in a little way. Repressing feelings is to restrain the feelings. But repressing can lead to depressing and depression. Repressing is turning inwards and just ties you up. We don’t want to tie ourselves up. We must learn how to express ourselves with using common-sense at the same time. Expressing our feelings either they be good or bad feelings just needs common-sense and also a heart of true love, thus making everything ok. Love of God can make everything ok. 
We can turn feelings in to oppression. Feelings need to be ruled by good sense. Feelings don’t rule, common-sense rules. The head rules not the body. The head rules over the heart, the heart does not rule. The head is above the heart. Feelings come from the heart, common-sense comes from the head. Oppression is expression of feelings in a extreme bad way. We must have feelings but we must not let our feelings go beyond the call of duty. Dictators rule with oppression. Dictators can rule with anger, but their anger is out of control and is extreme. Maybe if you are angry with someone you can try and resolve the anger by talking to that person. Or pray.
Prayer helps a lot. You can pray through your feelings. You can pray for the persons that you have feelings for. Prayer is words and words heal. The feelings can be turned over to God. But praying for a person you have bad or good feelings for means praying many times before healing can come. You just don’t pray once for the persons. Healing takes time and praying over weeks or months regularly is needed. Jesus can pray once and healing comes but we are not Jesus. We are sinners, Jesus is no sinner. 
Be kind to your feelings. Know how to express your feelings in a wise way. Feelings come and feelings go. Your feelings are your friends. Your friends come and they go. Pray for your friends. Be kind to your friends. Love your friends. Feelings should not rule. Don’t let your friends rule you, Christ the Head rules.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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