An article says that the Pope is not being black or white in relation to the truth he puts out.

My thinking says the very top leader has to be black and white. There must be no dark or grey area in the top thinking. The top is the peak and has to be sharp edged. Peaks are not meant to be blunt but sharp. The peak is above the clouds of doom and gloom, at the top you must see all. You are over all, over all sins, you are in the full light at the top. 
The Pope to be a true leader needs to be sharp and that means being this or that, right or wrong, light or dark, there are no compromises. 
But to be at the top and sharp means knowing ALL the truth. 
The Pope does not know all the truth. 
Jesus Christ is ALL sharp and sees ALL, knows ALL, so Jesus can preach/teach straight truth. 
The Pope may have the MIND OF CHRIST but his mind still is in shadows. Is the Pope not in the full light? Who is? Who can say they are in the total light of God? 
The Pope does not know all. The Pope is no King Solomon. So the Catholics are still in some sense the blind leading the blind. Oh the Catholics know plenty but not all. 
No one knows about homosexuality. Are homosexuals not Gods people? Are homosexuals the product of human wisdom and not Christ’s wisdom? We have strong wrists to work with, we weed out our minds and hearts, we plant seeds of words in minds and hearts, we need strong wrists to plant, weed and harvest. Are homosexuals the man made artificial product? Who knows for sure? No one. 
We need our leaders to lead from black and white. We need sharp leaders. We need our leaders to know all Gods wisdom. Knowing is knowing God. Leaders who are strong leaders are wise leaders. Wisdom of God sharpens ones mind up. Who is all wise? Few can say they are very wise. People covet the human wisdom rather than Christ wisdom. The Catholics pursue human wisdom and Christ’s wisdom. Wisdom has to be iron not wood. Nature is wood. Nature lovers are wooden. Prophets of God have iron strong spirits. 
Women cover their heads. The women’s longish hair is the women’s cover on her head. The women covers her body. Body cover and head cover for the women is to glory the man’s head. The man’s head is not to be covered. The man’s head is to glory God and the women’s head is to glory the man. Now a days this Christ wisdom of man and woman and headship is mostly perverted. The man now glories a lot in the women’s body and not in his headship of Christ. The women use their bodies to desecrate the wisdom of Christ. The women break the power of the man’s power in his head. The head should rule not the body. The women in charge of the man is seen by the man as seeing her body. Bodies ruling the head is unnatural and perverted. The Christ wisdom of man and woman was made to bring good sense to the church and to the world. The church needs to acknowledge that the wisdom of Christ is true. Women in charge of men in the church is not natural. A lot of church people are perverted now. The man has lost his naturalness in God. The man has lost his headship in his family. The man must be the leader in the family. There has to be one leader. Two leaders in a family make for friction and stress. But the man must have the wisdom of Christ and be loving as Christ is loving to the Church. The man is Christ in his family, the woman must submit to the man as the church submits to Christ. The woman ruling the family instead of the man is unnatural. 
The church is full of perversion now. 
Women want to lead. Women leading make useless mothers to their children and useless lovers to their husbands. The man can not love his wife if she does not submit. Now it’s the the man submitting to the woman. Perverse. So man and woman in love use unnaturalness in their love. The man is made impotent, the man loses his natural power because the woman wants the power. The power is in the head. The brain has the powers. The heart is just a pump. The brain is alive. Muscle is not the true power, God is the true power in Spirit and head. Words are the true power. Words are in spirit and head. Mind over matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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