Science does good and evil.
You see SCIENCE at work on the battlefield.

People kill people with weapons made with science and at the same time you see medical staff using science to heal soldiers who have been wounded by science weapons.

Science is good but it is also evil.

You see science raping the earth to get minerals and oil and then you see at the same time science doing conservation on the land.

You see science polluting the rivers and lakes and at the same time you see science cleaning these waters.

Science is used for man’s “progress”.

Progress to man is to make capital.

Man is basically a capitalist.

Man wants possessions.

Science is used to make money to buy possessions.

It’s not the money people really want it’s the possessions people want.

Money buys the possessions.

Possessions are the capital.

Man’s creations with science make residue or waste.

Man makes and gives off carbon.

Carbon is ok but too much of it is a killer.

Plants take in carbon and give off oxygen.

We need plants.

Humans need to have oxygen to breathe.

Without plants humans will not survive.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Wisdom of God is pure.

Wisdom of God is simplex.

Science can be very complex.

Jesus never taught science to his disciples.

Apostle Paul never taught us science.

People trust and have faith more in science than in God.

Farmers depend on science for good food crops.

Farmers trust science.

Nations defence trust science.

It’s looked at as clever to learn science.

It’s looked at as simple to trust God.

Simple to the scientist is foolish.

To trust a God you can not see is looked at as being foolish.

Man thinks he/she is so clever consuming science.

It is too simple to follow the wisdom of Christ.

Science is our future.

Science helps this earth.

You know science is slowly killing this earth.

You get people who really think climate change is nonsense.

Science is making this earth one big rubbish dump.

And people do not see the rubbish.

Climate change deniers only want to see money.

So you can choose what you want – science or wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Science and Gods wisdom are two different trees of thought.

Wisdom can understand science.

Science can know wisdom.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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