Light energy makes matter. E = Mc square. E is energy. M is matter. C is the speed of light. The universe expanding at the rate of speed of light square. This is an expansion at a constant rate. This is the Big Bang theory. There was a Big Bang at the beginning of our time. Energy gave off the Big Bang. We come in with a bang and so do we go out with a bang? How can we go out with a bang? Who is the Energy? Is the Energy God Spirit? 

Can we refer to this energy as being light energy? God is light. So we are referring to Gods energy. Is there another energy? Is there dark energy? Satan is the dark force. Satan is opposite to God. There is light so there must be dark. We know there is dark. But does dark have power? Light has power we know that to turn on a light at say home we know that energy feeds the light bulb and gives off light. But we can not make dark power. Dark has no power. So we say that dark has no energy. Satan then being the dark force has no power. But does not Satan have power? We would have thought so or does Satan get his power from God? Light is energy, dark is not energy. Einstein in his E = Mc square is about light energy and light matter. Einstein is not about dark energy nor dark matter. If there is no dark energy then there must be no dark matter. Gods light energy made matter. Is there dark matter in the universe? How can this be? Can Satan make matter? God can make matter because he is light and light can make matter. Light is energy; dark is not energy. Satan did not create. Satan can not create a universe. Only God can create a universe. Scientists say there is dark matter but how is this to be when matter comes from energy and there is no dark energy as energy needs light and only God is light. Einsteins E is energy but light energy and this is God energy as only God is the true light. You might say light energy can make both light matter and dark matter. Could be so. I mean Satan the dark force was originally made by God. God created all life. Was darkness made out of the light? How can you make darkness? Before the universe was created there was a big void, a dark and chaotic void. Sounds like before the light came there was evil. Light came and brought light to the darkness and order to the chaos. So was evil ruling before God came and where did God come from? So maybe there is no dark energy and that light energy made the dark matter. 
God made matter, Satan makes no matter. 
So we conclude there is no dark energy but maybe there is dark matter. God is the source of all energy. God made the light and the dark. There are always opposites. Each has their opposite. It’s a fundamental law to have opposites. Satan is the opposite of God. God good and Satan evil. Life is about opposites – opposing each other. Life is a battle in words, spoken or thought or written, between good and evil. We fight in words. Words make a person, we win or lose according to words. We use the truth words to fight against the lie words. Truth wins. Truth sets us free. Truth is light, lies are dark. Satan is a liar, God is the truth. Christians use the bible scripture as their measure of what is Spiritual truth. The bible is acknowledged as a collection of books of truth. Scripture can be used against the evil side. Scripture can be used as a Words weapon. Jesus Christ Himself used scripture Words against Satan. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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