The Spirit hovered over the deep sea of water.
Life is in the water.

The water of life.

Did the beginning begin with water?

Does life need water to exist?

Without water there is no life.

In the beginning God made the universe out of water.

In the beginning there was energy.

God is energy.

Did the energy at the beginning come from water?

Water is hydrogen and oxygen. 

Hydrogen makes up the sun.

The sun(s) is the top energy source that we know of. 

Hydrogen one proton and one electron. 

One is powerful.

Power is in one not many.

God is one.

Small is powerful.

Many is complex and makes for confusion.

One is simplex and is undivided.

Complex can be divided, it is weak.

God used the hydrogen and oxygen in the vast ocean of water to make the universe.

All life came from water.

All creation came from water.

Hydrogen is the most powerful source of energy.

Hydrogen burns and the oxygen in water might help the hydrogen to burn. 

Maybe water can be used as a powerful source of energy.

God hovered over the waters and caused the big bang.

God is intelligence.

God is Spirit person.

I SPECULATE that water existed at the beginning and I SPECULATE that the universe was made out of water.

I do think that all life was created at the beginning by God and evolved from its first beginnings of simplex to later in to complex.

Everything begins simple.

Life begins as one cell. 

One is the beginning.

One becomes many.

God is simplex. 

God never changed.

God never changes.

Life can be to us a puzzle.

Life begins like a jigsaw. One piece at a time goes into making the whole piece.

The pattern becomes obvious overtime.

There is a set pattern.

Everything has it’s correct place.

The pieces fit in only where they are meant to go.

Technology is evolving.

Technology and electronics begins with a diode.

The diode is simple.

Diode to valve to transistor to chip.

Machines are evolving.

Machines and technology will evolve into the humanoid robot.

Man will create his likeness (humanoid), this likeness has evolved.

Man rebelled against his creator God.

Will humanoids rebel against its maker man?

It makes sense to see humanoids rebel. Why? There’s a pattern here.

Water is plain.

Plain is good.

Plain is good health.

Eat and drink plain.

Drink much plain water.

Never forget the simplex beginnings.

Simplex is our foundation of life.

Simplex is our foundation of thought.

Original thought is simplex. 

Complex thought can be hard to digest.

Complex thought can make knotty balls of confused thoughts.

Complex can tie ones thoughts up into unsolved problems.

All solutions to complex problems are simple.

Always use simple solutions.

Do not use complex solutions.

Simple is one and one solves the many.

Complex is many.

One is pure.

Pure solves the problem.

Problems are complex.

Simplex is not a problem.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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