The giving of this medal to Ellen shows just how very intelligent Barack Obama is. Barack is intelligent yes but he is also wise. Usually people who are intelligent are also wise so when we see intelligent people acting unwise we frown.

Barack treats Ellen as an equal. Ellen is an outed lesbian. But Barack does not discriminate. We see a black man being equal with a lesbian. In the past and still is black coloured people are treated as sub human. Ellen is also treated as sub human. Why? Because Ellen is a homosexual. It was normal in the past to hate black coloured people, and it still does go on. Coloured people are not as human as white coloured people. Hitler was a proponent for the super race of white coloured people. Hitler was EVIL.

Homosexuality does not look normal to us heterosexuals. I mean buggery seems abnormal. BUT BUT low and behold many heterosexual couples practice buggery. The Roman Catholic Church says homosexuality is an aberration of the soul, meaning homosexuality is not normal, but me thinks Roman Catholics in droves use buggery as a form of birth control. They are ordered by the church priests not to use condoms so the Catholics resort to buggery, I mean who wants to have 5 or 6 or 7 children now a days. Large Catholic families were normal in the past but people now prefer 2 or 3 children at the most.
I have found homosexuality distasteful. I hate it when I think a male is showing any interest in me.
I married at age 47. At my age of about 24 I had a spiritual soul awakening. It was like before I was 24 I was soul asleep. I was made aware of the power and reality of words. Words now were alive to me. Before this I was dead to all the understanding of words. Words now became my life. On awakening I realised that I had many enemies. These enemies used words to conquer. I was at the mercy of words and I had not realised it, well not realised it until I was brought to life in the word. I had given myself to Jesus Christ. I had made a decision to accept Jesus. I did not see Jesus, my decision was an act of faith. Ever since then my insight has grown. I can see more. I see from inner eyes. It is like my eyes are full of light. And my body is full of light. Call it enlightenment. I climb upwards in to the light. Before my rise as a new devotee of Jesus it was like my life was dead and going down hill. Down hill is for the wisdom of Satan, uphill or going up the mountain is like going for the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ.
On my spiritual awakening, that is coming in to the light of God, I was now able to perceive the spiritual word attacks on me. And there were attacks on me like Poof and lazy. It went on like that for a year or so. It eventually petered out. I have never been with a man in sex. When I was about 10 years old and at a sleep over at a boys place in an outside tent, the boy touched my penis (the incident happened for about one minute). I was just shocked. It made me sick in my heart to think of it. It was so unexpected. This boy was popular with other boys and was intelligent. When he did it my heart thought of my mother.
So here I am at 24 years old and a new Christian and words like poof trying to get in my head.
I true was not known to sleep around with the girls. I did have a few girl friends but not many.
So before getting married at age 47 there must have been tongues wagging. It was like you are guilty unless proven innocence. In other words you were gay until proved otherwise.
I do sympathise with Ellen and other homosexuals because people who discriminate can be so evil.
It takes a strong moral minded person to stand up to all the hypocrisy of mean minded selfish discrimination.
So buggery is also Catholic. And the Catholics are as much hypocritical as everyone else.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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