These brain doctors are masquerading as healers of the soul but at the same time they do not believe in a soul. A SHAM.
What I can not understand is why these psychiatrists like using the word psyche in their titles and cover words but they say they do not believe in a separate human soul or human spirit. These psychiatrists over many years say mental illness is a brain sickness. 
So these so called doctors of the mind are deceiving us. They submit to the Devil so they don’t believe in soul and spirit but at the same time they show off the word psyche trying to use the authority of the supreme God. 
Psychiatrists get their authority from the law. The law protects and encourages psychiatry. The law looks to psychiatrists for authority on the soul even though a lot of the law and psychiatrists do not believe in a human soul or human spirit. 
The law has to decide whose side it is on. The Godly or the pagans? The law should be led by Godly people not by pagans.
The soul in the past used to be the domain of the church. Religion was the voice of soul. Religion encouraged soul. The church ordains priests to shepherd and look after souls. The law in the way past looked to the church or religion to explain soul. The law looks to pagans the non religious to explain soul now. The law is full of pagans. Pagans hate the thought of soul. Soul means God and pagans hate God. A lot of psychiatrists are pagan. A lot of law people are pagan.
Psyche means soul in Greek. 
These mind doctors to be true to their beliefs need to discard the word soul from any definition of their works. These doctors call the soul the mind. But really to them their treatment is of the brain. These doctors see all mind illness as a physical illness. 
These doctors should even give up on the word mind. Why? Because mind suggests there is a identity of humans separate from the physical brain. 
These brain doctors are stupid. Their wisdom is stupid.Their understanding is stupid. They think they are wise when they are foolish.
Most psychiatry is not simple. Some tries to be simple. Psychiatrists seem to be the blind leading the blind as they do not really know what they are doing. These doctors in the end just resort to drugs. These doctors just give out drugs as their only treatment. Drug the patients. Sedate them and hope they get well. Or even electric shock them hoping for a healing. Hey why not just use bloodletting. Blood let the patients. Bloodletting was common in the past and used by these so called professional brainy doctors, all protected and encouraged by the law. 
Psychiatry is a science. Psychiatry treatment relies on science. Science is good or evil. Science is a tree of thought. Science is knowledge. Man wants science. Man chooses science rather than Christ’s wisdom. Man trusts science not God. Scientists say to trust in a supreme One God is too simple. Simple to science is dumb. Man trusts in knowledge rather than God the supreme creator. Man thinks it’s clever to trust in science. Adam and Eve chose science. But God prefers mankind to trust Him. It’s simple to trust God. It’s complex to trust science. Mankind thinks to be complex is clever. The Christian church in the past did not rely on science but now many Christians rely on science. Many Christians put science before Christ. Science has come before Christ’s wisdom in the church. The established church think it’s clever to trust science. The body, soul, and spirit were made for simplicity. The heart beats or should beat at a simple rate. God said to man not to eat of science. But of course man thought he knew better. Do you know better? Science will end up with its own creation. Science creates its own creation. Man uses science to create an artificial creation. Man makes robots who look like man and act like man. Robots may eventually rebel against its maker man. 

To deny God is foolish.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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