I am saved, I rule with Christ in the heavenlies. I have a mind of Jesus Christ. I a wait the coming of my new body, a spiritual body, a resurrected new body. Jesus will come in to this world again, the second coming. We have had a first coming of Christ and there is one more coming of Christ. Christ’s wisdom is in Spirit. Christ’s wisdom is the wisdom of God the Father. Christ’s wisdom is Spiritual wisdom. To learn from God we must learn in spirit. We have a human spirit. We are soul and human spirit, we are both. Our physical body is our home for us in soul and spirit. Our physical body is only a temporary home. In the second coming of Christ we are given new bodies. Christ has already got his new body. Christ came down from heaven to show us the way to heaven. 

To follow Christ is to go to heaven. Christ is the only way to heaven, there is no other way. Not all paths lead to heaven. Christ first saves our human spirit. We are joined to God Spirit from our own human spirit. Spirit is in the heart. Gods Spirit comes in to the heart. You invite Jesus Christ in to your heart. The heart is like the level of this world. The old sinful flesh nature also lives in the heart. We die to this flesh sinful old nature. We live for God Spirit from our human spirit. In our human spirit we want to become like God Spirit. God Spirit is full of light. In our own human spirit we also become lighted up as we grow in human spirit with God Spirit. We want to get rid of the darkness. Sin brings on darkness. We want to be clean in human spirit. God Spirit and our own spirit light up our soul. We learn to love our soul. We want to help our soul. Our soul is in our head (me thinks). In our spirit we get light of God and with God Spirit we light up our head. Our soul in the head becomes full of light. But lightening up our head takes time. Our body also becomes lightened up. Our eyes are a sign of how much light is in our body and head. When the eyes are full of light our body and head are full of light. In the past before we gave ourselves to Christ we were known as spiritually dead. That meant our human spirit (and body) were full of sins and in darkness. In Christ we are washed clean of all our sins and we come in to the light. As we mature in Christ we understand more. We become Christ minded and we learn to rule with Christ from above in mind and in doing this rule we aim overall to benefit the body. 
The head rules the body. Our body parts are to serve the head. We are constantly serving the head. As soon as we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night we serve the head. The head does not serve the body. We are constantly at work providing for the body. The body can and does rebel against the will of the head. Our body needs day and night attention. We must endeavour to think from the head and bring the body under the heads rule. Our human life work is to provide for the needs of our body and to do this we use our God given head. The brains are in the head. The heart does not rule the body. The heart serves the head as does every other part of the body serve the head. Our main mission in life is to rule from the head with Christ and provide for the needs of the body. When our body needs are served we can also help other people’s body needs. Other people first meaning the people who are our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. When the body of Christ, the church is looked after, we may look to the needs of people who are outside the body of Christ. We each human have a vocation from God. 
The wise of God find their true vocations and do them. But regrettably most people work outside their God vocations. A lot of people do not know their God vocations. Their Gods are maybe money, knowledge, status, etc. From our formative years of our human education we learn that getting lots of money and having status is our main pursuit. Money money money. Parents want their sons to become rocket scientists and their daughters to marry rich men. So we have science being people’s God. Science is knowledge and knowledge brings with it good or bad. Science will kill all life off some time in the future. You can have a choice follow science or follow Jesus Christ. Christ is the wisdom of God. Christ is not the science of God. Christ does not teach or preach science. We read wisdom of Christ in the Bible. The Bible is not a science book. The Bible is a wisdom of God book. The Bible is also full of prophesy. Christ in coming in to this world never taught science to his disciples. Wisdom of God and science are two different trees of thought. You have a choice, wisdom of God or science. It’s like half the world are using science to help people while the other half of the world are using science to kill and harm people. If there was no science in this world then people would have to put their trust in God. But man thinks he knows better, put your trust in science man says. God is a fairy tale for old people and children be clever trust science. The Bible says “knowledge passes away”. Yes knowledge is not remembered. I think of all my childhood schooling and do I remember all the knowledge I was taught. No I remember very little. I do remember the practical knowledge, that is the learning I was taught that I went on using in my daily life for a lot of my life. At school we are taught knowledge that after a few years passes away from us. Yet children have to go to schooling for many years of their lives. Humans do not keep knowledge. Go in to an old persons nursing home and ask these elderly people about what knowledge they know and most will probably just stare at you not understanding the question. Most people get dementia in old age and remember very little of all their lives schooling. So why do people even go for university degrees in old age, yes there are some that go down this path, but why? Pride, status. A sense of achievement. But why go for a degree when you don’t need that learning? Why not spend your time helping the sick or poor. Go and volunteer work at a hospital or welfare agency. But I want to look clever you might say. Pride. So science will not go with you to heaven or hell. God does not want science in heaven. You don’t need science in heaven. The Devil also won’t need your science in hell. 
So what is Gods wisdom about? First it’s not about science, it’s about the body of Christ living together in harmony, peace, justice and love. Wisdom of God is a good quality of life. Wisdom of God is about trusting God not science. And what is our earthy life to be focussed on? “Preparing for the after life knowing Christ set the example for us to follow – Follow Christ”. The scientist will say in reply “Simple simple simple”, I will say “Thats right”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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