God is in me 
I am in God

We of God are parts of the same one body

We parts of the body commune with each other

We parts also commune with God

We are in Gods body

God is the Head of the body

The body of God is alive

The Head of God is alive

The parts take their instructions from the God Head

The Head and the body are joined together

We parts of the body are part of each other

We parts of the body think together

You are in me I am in you

Be wise, think wise and act wise

To act and think apart from the God Head frustrates

Wisdom brings with it peace

The parts get sick and frustrated when working outside the will of God

Wisdom means Gods wisdom not the wisdom of the world that is demonically inspired

You trouble me when you think, speak and act unwisely to me

My heart is under regular vexation

You vex me

All the world’s wisdom is trouble

Go for the wisdom from above 

Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ

I am in you, you are in me, we are in Christ, Christ is in us

Think wise, be wise of Christ

Thinking Christ’s wisdom is good health for you, body mind and soul

Christ’s wisdom enlightens you

In Christ’s wisdom the body is full of light

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are sound

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are like lamps

Seek to be in the light of God

God is light

Ask Jesus Christ into your heart 

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord

Repent to God all your sins

Don’t deceive yourselves to think you are not a sinner

We are all sinners

The kingdom of God consists of all the parts of Christ’s body

We are never alone in Christ’s body

Pray and you will be heard

Words are where it is at in Christ’s body

Watch what you say

Watch what you think

God is the living Words

Reflect often

Meditate often

Pray often

Read Bible scripture often

The heart is created to love

Hate brings on your sickness
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


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