My days working (worked and lived for many many years) for the church in Perth city. I then lived on site next door to the church. City living was quite ok. Homeless people now and then slept around the church buildings. One man named Brian left a legacy of his stay. I took a photo of his belongings. Liquor and caffeine bottles. When I was in bed at night I used to hear Brian calling out. Brian seemed to be fighting off his demons at night. Brian seemed a nice guy for all his faults. I spoke to him on a number of occasions and he was not threatening. 

The photo I took. Brian was quite a connoisseur of his drinks. I used to pray for Brian. I thought that Brian and I had a connection through prayer. So it was with gladness that one day I found a bible where Brian often slept. He slept rough, on flattened cardboard boxes out in the open. Soon after seeing the bible Brian moved on, where I do not know. But Brian had found a new source of Spirit. Man made spirit (alcohol) is unhealthy and unnatural whereas Spirit of God is healthy and natural. 
Spirit and spirit. God made or man made. Man made perverts. You turn away (pervert) from God made by using man made. Worship God not man. 
My days working for the church were days breathing and living it, it was 24/7. I have moved on too just as I hope Brian moved on but to better things. I retired from the church a number of years back. I don’t even attend church now, have not done for a few years now. Church was very useful in my former years as part of my spiritual growth. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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