Letter to a friend

My understanding and learning is different from the way the learning is acquired in the audio tape you mentioned. I listen and see but I try and get all the information in to a simple focus that I can mind digest. Having a lot of just intelligence but not been able to simplify it in to a one focus just goes over my head and is wasting my time. Intelligence can be intelligence just for intelligence sake and has no real bearing on “What did I get out of this? What moral lesson did I learn? What practical lesson did I learn”? I mean having just facts is to me not learning a moral lesson. Facts and facts just to learn for the sake of facts does not give practical learning. We need to put our learning in to practice otherwise we look and don’t see, we hear but do not listen, we don’t learn about our selves. I hate learning intelligence for just intelligence. My mind focuses the learning down to a moral lesson. But with just intelligence without moral lesson we really learn nothing to help society and the church to improve and be better.
Regards; Lester John Murray



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