FAIR GAME (book)

Just finished reading this e book. 

Valerie Plane outed by the White House. Valerie was a covert officer working for the C.I.A. (The USA Central Intelligence Agency). Covert is to work under cover. To out a C.I.A. covert officer is against the law in the USA. Outing someone covert is to reveal to the general public the coverts true name and identity. Valerie was married to a man who got on the wrong side of both the Vice President and the President of the USA. 
Valerie’s husband Joe Wilson spoke to the media to contend about the White Houses issue of wanting to go to war against Iraq. The White House, the President especially wanted to go to war. The President just needed an excuse for this war. The President wanted the USA public on his side in this war. The public were fed tit bits of information that seemed to make out that Iraq were making weapons of mass destruction. But no such weapons were being made and the C.I.A. could not even prove to the White House that such weapons were in Iraq. But President Bush Jr wanted war. Valerie’s husband was making noise against the war so the White House discreetly mentioned to journalists that Valerie was working for the C.I.A. It looks like the White House punished Valerie’s husband by outing his C.I.A. covert wife. It was big news in the media about Valerie working for the C.I.A. This outing of Valerie soon led to her leaving the employment of the C.I.A.
We have a dilemma here – Does the President of the USA have the power to go to war at his own discretion? Does the President need Congress approval to go to war? The President is first Commander in Chief of all USA military. President Bush Jr wanted war with Iraq. But why? Was it to get the Iraqi oil? I think not. Bush wanted to depose a tyrannical dictator. Tyrants stink this earth. So is it justified to go to war, a war that kills thousands of people, to get this tyrant? Bush seems to be exonerated in his dealings to get Saddam Hussein. Bush seems to have the higher moral ground in going to get Hussein. 
Valerie Plane got mixed up with the politics of the White House. It started really when a Vice Presidential aid rang one of her section staff and asked for any information on a report about Iraq trying to buy uranium from the African country of Niger. Valerie worked as a section boss in dealing with Iraq and its supposed weapons of mass destruction. One of Valerie’s staff recommended Joe Wilson (Valerie’s husband) go on a fact finding mission to Niger. Joe was an ex USA Ambassador to African nations. Joe was not working for the C.I.A. but he was called in when expertise in his area was required. And Joe obliged in helping where he could. Both Joe and Valerie were patriotic USA citizens. 
Here we get where the rubber hits the road. Joe Wilson going to Niger and coming back and reporting no substance in the report of Iraq buying uranium from Niger. The White House was not thrilled by this report. The White House wanted only evidence of building of weapons mass destruction by Iraq. The President in his State of Union address stated that Iraq had bought uranium from Niger. Joe Wilson was livid about the President giving to the public what he thought was misleading information. Joe went to the press. The White House were angry that Joe had gone to the press. So in revenge the White House outed Joes wife. The White House said that Joe had been sent on a junket (free paid trip) to Niger by his C.I.A. wife. 
It came down to a fight for their reputation – Joe and Valerie against the White House. It then came down to Republicans against Democrats. So it was all really political. It was about the President wanting to go to war to depose Saddam Hussein. Joe and his wife just just got in the way. Both were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
I think Saddam Hussein needed deposing. 
Leaders of countries are hesitant in ordering their intelligence agencies or military to assassinate other nation leaders. Of course for a nation leader to order an assassination of another nations leader would mean the very likely hood of a revenge killing killing the leader. So what do leaders do? To save their hides they send in a full military force. Thousands and thousands die. What for? To kill one man, to kill the tyrannical dictator. So are leaders cowards? Who wants to die? Why did they not assassinate Hitler?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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