​I don’t believe in time travel as per say. But I think time travel is possible through virtual reality. Virtual reality is man made reality. Time travel is not real in God made reality but time travel can be made real in man made reality. 
Virtual reality might take over from what we know as cyber space. Cyber space will be virtual reality. Man will make his own reality in mind/soul and try and live in it. But how can you live in man made reality all the time? Is it possible? Maybe it will be a bit of changing from man made reality to God made reality and back and forwards. People might find it escapism to leave God made reality and live in virtual reality. But I think virtual reality will have many evils with it. Just as computers get viruses and hackers today virtual reality will have its share of troubles. People might even become addicted to virtual reality. Virtual reality can also be a learning space. Why go to classes in the traditional sense just go in to virtual teaching and learning.

Man made intelligence, man made reality. How Man hates God and His intelligence and reality. Man intrinsically thinks he/she is so clever. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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